There are many shoes that are popular in winter, but Martin boots can definitely take their place. Martin boots are just above the ankle, which is very warm for girls who are afraid of cold, and it is versatile, whether it is paired with short skirts or long skirts, or long pants and cropped pants.

It can be said that it can control all the items in the wardrobe, 1 pair of Martin boots = 99 sets to match, making you wear a different feeling every day.

1. Martin boots with wide-leg pants

• Denim wide-leg pants + Martin boots

Simple and clean jeans with cool black Martin boots look tall and thin. Paired with a loose-fitting black coat outside, the overall wearing style is powerful, and it has a simple natural beauty. The fresh denim blue element can break the dull monotony brought by the coat, and the overall color matching is more rich and interesting.

Mid-top black Martin boots, just over the ankle, keep warm in winter without dragging. Martin boots made of leather, with a thick sole, are visually taller and go well with loose wide-leg pants. Shorter girls, wearing this thick-soled Martin boots, it is no problem to increase their height by 2~3 cm.

• Black wide-leg pants + Martin boots

Whether it is black cargo pants with a smart and cool atmosphere, or black flared pants with a retro simple style, paired with black Martin boots, forming a matching of the same color, the lower body looks more harmonious and unified, which plays a role in lengthening the leg line and visually forming the visual effect of showing the length of the legs. In this cool and handsome matching, it is not a problem to pay attention to the treatment of the waist line and portray the perfect body proportions.

2. Martin boots with shorts or stockings

• Coat + Martin boots

In the autumn and winter coats, Martin boots are more common, and summer clothes can be matched with shorts or stockings, which are dashing and capable and have the taste of a small woman. The long coat only shows the slimmer part of the calf, and the unique small cuff design of the Martin boots makes the upper part of the ankle appear slimmer, fashionable and thin.

• Stockings + Martin boots

When it comes to the sexiest fashion items, black silk is the one who comes to it. Especially in autumn and winter, using thin black stockings with cool Martin boots, smart and thin with a touch of sexy little feminine, simply not too advanced.

If you want to wear the coat open, wearing stockings alone will inevitably look too revealing, and the underwear can be worn with a skirt or dress to create a retro and elegant style. Coupled with domineering black Martin boots, Martin boots with mature and stable attributes can suppress the charm brought by black silk to a certain extent, and the two have a good coordination effect.

3. Martin boots with small leg pants

• Straight-leg pants + Martin boots

In the matching of Martin boots, the most taboo is bloated and heavy, the use of small leg pants and Martin boots together, can form a wide and narrow wearing style, to a certain extent to reduce the feeling of bloated thick and cumbersome. There are many types of straight-leg pants, whether denim straight-leg pants or black leg pants, they are very decoratively leg-shaped in terms of visual effect, and the overall look is thin and leg length.

• Black straight-leg micro-flared pants + Martin boots

Seven-hole style Martin boots with straight design micro-flared pants, visually show the leg length, the same color matching visually has the effect of extending the leg line, this set of styling on the body, so that you can also have one meter eight long legs.

• White leggings + khaki high-top boots

Martin boots come in a variety of styles, this tall and thin khaki high-top boot is also a type of Martin boots, unique fleece lined design, warm and stylish, with black and white skinny leggings, easy to outline the slender leg line, smart and thin.

It turns out that Martin boots have so many matching styles, each set is so fashionable and advanced, do you also want to learn these smart and thin shapes? Hurry up and get moving.

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