In winter, it is a routine practice for many middle-aged women to prepare several coats of different colors and styles. However, there are many people who make mistakes or mismatch when operating, but make the coat look old-fashioned. Here, it is even more recommended that they use horn-buttoned coats to present a natural age-reducing function and create a thinning effect.

The choice of color of the horn button coat is very important

The horn button coat is a very unique coat item, because its design in terms of shape will have more elements than the general regular coat, thereby releasing the message of reducing age.

The blessing of this design itself is enough to weaken the age characteristics of women, and in the use of coat colors, do not focus on the use of some yellow types or other overly bright colors to cover up the footprints of personal years. Change to some basic colors, some simple colors, but can make women more generous charm to refract.

This camel coat, it is not an overly lengthy type, it is a medium-length style, which can reflect a sense of neatness, and the matching pants should pay attention to its silhouette design.

Among the many colors of horn button coats, if combined with simple basic white or off-white, this garment can play a great practical value, this color does not add the composition of highlights, does not add the superposition of complex elements, naturally can shine the purest light and the cleanest gentle demeanor.

Inside, you can maintain the simplicity of the same color combination, of course, you can also adjust the color temperature to bring in a little beige, which is more gentle and charming.

The biggest constraint of middle-aged women is that their rising age cannot allow them to choose items as they want, but if the advantage of their own skin color is extremely obvious, fair skin, any color can naturally become very “well-behaved” under their control.

Take this big red horn button coat, white-skinned women should use this item well, it can make the personal image become particularly prominent, use the color to make a deep impression, to focus on making the personal sense of existence higher. The use of the inner layer does not need to use pink or yellow and other colors, and the red horn button coat is a bit in conflict, and the low-key black can complete a harmonious set of colors.

With skirts and pants, it is very age-reducing

The age-reducing effect of a horn-buttoned coat is natural, and it will not make people feel that this garment is overly difficult to control, but can be borrowed to highlight the youthful demeanor and thinness of the individual.

On top of the matching piece, if its length is obvious, it can be used to combine it with a skirt, which is a kind of matching scheme that highlights the gentle characteristics of women or the elegance, which will not reduce the appearance of age-reducing effects and effectively cover the leg shape.

Horn button coats do not impose specific restrictions on whether the lower body is combined with skirts or pants, even if they are combined with very ordinary trousers, they will not have any exclusion between them.

However, the coordination of colors still has to be placed in the link of dressing and matching. Like a black horn button coat, it is probably the most suitable category for all middle-aged ladies. By adding horn buttons, it is also very suitable to dilute the black dull temperament or a somewhat old-fashioned atmosphere, and with blue trousers.

If you want to make the shape create a more obvious contrast effect, when combining trousers, you can choose some types of pants different from the previous use in its shape, add a little characteristic, add a little distinctive style, and the personal dressing plan will be different from the basic shape, breaking through the previous conservative style. But the premise is that the color of the horn button coat itself has a high degree of compatibility, so that the whole outfit will not be affected by the wrong choice of pants.

The color blocks of checked trousers are selected from large or small, and the use of colors is dull or bright, which can be changed at will. The color of the coat used in this outfit is very simple, and with checked pants, it can make the look have a vivid beauty.

Shoes with horn button coat

Even if the horn button coat is used in the basic color, it will dilute its mature charm due to the formation of the appearance, showing a certain dynamic style. The choice of shoes should avoid being too delicate and too feminine.

Matching them directly with all-encompassing tops or small white shoes of all colors, these shoes are light and comfortable to wear, and the refreshing color will enhance the age-reducing effect.

Many middle-aged women wear long coats, will always make the feeling of maturity full of overflow, if you want to reverse the dressing style, you can change to a horn button design, even if you take the most bland black, the darkest dark color, will not look too mature. The combination of this kind of coat can be directly combined with shoes of the same color.

Like this black pointy scalp shoe, it is a very versatile design, the key is that it is not as stressful as high heels, basically everyone can easily control it, highlighting the fashion beauty.

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