If you want to make up well, brushes are indispensable!

But how many people are like Ben Jiu

When entering Sephora or various counters

See those beautifully packaged makeup brushes reach out

Retract immediately after reading the price


Slum girl

You can’t have one

A magic wand that transforms yourself beautifully!

No, I will never allow it

Today! I have prepared a prairie for everyone!

I hope you chop (


) hand (




Fast (


In view of the fact that there are more makeup whites who pay attention to Yan Jiu

Talk to everyone before planting grass


one time

Classification of makeup bristles material ~

It’s easy for everyone to find a more convenient makeup brush!

In general, makeup bristles are divided into:

Animal hair


Synthetic hair

Because animal hair has complete hair scales, it is relatively soft to grab powder, but it is generally expensive and needs careful maintenance.

Synthetic wool is inexpensive and has high wear resistance, but it is slightly weaker and softer than animal hair grabbing powder.

Animal hair is subdivided into yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, pig’s bristles, etc.

Goat hair

Goat hair is the most common, with as many as 21 types subdivided! Including fine light peak wool, medium light peak wool, white peak wool, yellow peak wool, etc., the softness decreases in order.

But wool will inevitably have some smell, wash and dry twice, the smell is almost dispersed.

Weasel hair

Yellow wolf hair can be regarded as the best hair, soft and elastic texture, very comfortable to use, small and expensive.


Horsehair has good softness, slightly less elasticity, natural horsehair is more ordinary, washed horsehair is softer, belongs to high-grade wool, natural and washed price gap is large.

Gray rat hair

Gray rat hair is the softest fur in animal hair, which belongs to the best of the best! It is comfortable to use and blends strongly, but the price is also the most expensive.

Synthetic hairs include:

man-made fiber

Eco-friendly mink fur

Wait a minute.


The above characteristics can be concluded: loose powder brushes, blush brushes, contour brushes, fan brushes and other brushes used for dry powder cosmetics use animal hair to make the makeup more natural.

Foundation brushes, eyebrow brushes, eyeliner brushes, etc., which are used for thick texture, are more suitable for creamy makeup fiber hairs.

Subjected by a wolf professional makeup brush

Features: affordable, suitable for novices

Price: 7-700RMB

This one can be regarded as a domestic makeup brush

Internet celebrities

The shop is up, the legendary brush shop grabbed with a stopwatch. His home brush to

Fibrous hair

Fine light peak wool


The Wolf family often collaborates with many Internet celebrities to make brushes, such as big yellow duck and small grapes

You can have 12 brushes for less than 200, which is good to look at, but it’s true

Very! Difficult! Rob!

More than 10,000 sets of small grapes and more than 30,000 sets of small grapes were robbed in more than a minute on the shelves, and the babies who did not snatch cried

Never mind! I missed the joint model without luck, and the resident model of the wolf is also good to see, like

Freesia series

Blue series


Cheap and easy to use and good looking

series, very suitable

Beginner makeup for beginners

MM starts, can’t buy a loss can’t buy a fool, the heartbeat baby quickly place an order~

Texamo Daimer

Features: Patented bristles

Price: 9-500

Daimer has most of his bristles

Microcrystalline filament

, this kind of bristles are not small, but there is


Yo, there are only two supplies in the country, one of which is Daimei, and many beauty bloggers such as Benny and Maodan have highly recommended it.

Microcrystalline filament bristles of this material

It combines the strength of animal hair and the abrasion resistance of fiber hair, and it is soft and does not stick to the face

It is a must-have for home travel.

Wood color series

Silky white series

Bursting with good looks! The bristles of these two series are microcrystalline filament, and 7 sticks of the wood color series can be all in for only 118 yuan!

The white series is stronger and there are 10 so the price is more expensive, the official price is 458 yuan, if you think the white series is a little expensive, consider the wood series.

There are indeed two brushes

Features: Practical

Price: 15-210RMB

This shop has three shops on a certain treasure

A store “Lolita Makeup Brush”

Homemade shop “There Are indeed Two Brushes”

Tail single store “Fat Shun makeup brush”

If you have a favorite brush in two or three stores

You can apply for a merger with customer service

Today I will only talk about the brush of the store “There Are indeed Two Brushes”, and the homemade brush is more worthy of introduction.

Most of the bristles in the store are

I can feel that the hostess Mountain Ghost knows brushes very well, and knocks on literary and artistic der.

Let’s listen to the names of their family series brushes: Empty Mountain New Rain, and the first, step song, and a series called Serendipity (I quietly opened the translation)

Yikes! Enough literature! I like it!

Of course, his brushes are not only beautiful in name, but also in quality. I bought their home and the first series of eye brushes

Several of them must be singled out as key praisers! For example, the No. 10 fine light peak wool blending brush

When your eyeshadow accidentally gets too heavy or you need a large area of the eye base, this brush is probably right~

The bristles are fluffy and soft, and you can poke on the eyelids

There is also the No. 14 yellow wolf tail hair fine eye brush

When you need eye brightening, brow bone brightening and fine concealment, using it is really awesome, yes

Precise positioning

, every shot can poke where you want to poke.

Handmade brushes

Feature: Beauty!

Price: 10-478RMB

This one is amazing, and it is said that every brush is made by the owner himself! Quality guaranteed! Putting aside the truth of this supposedly true or false, the quality of his brushes is really good, and the high-end has feelings, look at the brush rods of their ancient series of grass and flowers

Take a look at the Granny Ash series brushes, which also give away a log base

I really like this strong classical Chinese style, the excellent production and the price is not high, if the budget is enough, don’t say much! Buy!

Energy Ainochi makeup brush brand image store

Features: many brush types, cost-effective

Price: 10-1480RMB

Although it is the last store, it should not be underestimated! The strength is big, most of them are in the store

Pony hair

。 Represents the brush master series, wine red series.

The Master Series brush type is comprehensive, and it is very worth buying, basically all

Brush, brush head firm. If you can’t get into a full set of eye smudge brushes, it is also a very good choice~

The wine red series has a very high appearance and is basic

Brush, soft hair, strong grip powder, no face at all, many brush types, can be freely matched

I want to especially recommend this shoe brush foundation brush by Ainoch! The bristles are particularly dense and very soft! I can put the special fit on the base makeup, the point is that the official price is only 40 pieces now! Thumbs up

Finally, a few words to everyone, we must not forget to wash the makeup brush regularly in addition to the fun of choosing the brush of Zhongyi, otherwise the residual bacteria will hurt our delicate little face.

The makeup brush has a professional detergent, and I recommend a Daiso, which is about sixteen or seventeen pieces

If you really don’t want to buy a professional cleaner, you can also clean it with a silicone-free shampoo (silicon-based ingredients will smooth out the scales of animal hair, resulting in a decrease in powder grip),

Lather the shampoo with water and gently rub the bristles.

Do not reverse cleaning, you can gently squeeze during the process, gather the bristles by hand, if there is a protective cover after cleaning, put on the protective cover, if not, the brush will be suspended in the air, and the brush will be cleaned after thorough drying.

Today’s grass planting journey is coming to an end here~ I have always felt that if you must compare domestic makeup brushes with those international big names, domestic brushes are definitely not worse, maybe some can be

Suppress big names

After all, the experience of the ancestors in making brushes has been passed down for so long, and how much worse can a makeup brush be than others?!!

I wish the little fairies can buy their favorite makeup brushes!

Make the most beautiful makeup with a brush that weighs your hands!

Here is Yan Jiu~

We’ll see you next time

Animal hair

Animal hair

Animal hair



Gray rat hair

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