Everyone especially hopes that they will change through some sleeping methods, so when sleeping to learn this pillow, in fact, there is also a lot of attention, so what kind of pillow is also the healthiest, for this may be many people also want to understand, we should take a look, in the dormitory and other aspects should be done, how to choose a pillow to help themselves.

The traditional pillow core is filled with cotton, flattened wheat straw, etc., and the biggest defect is that it cannot effectively support the weight of the head and neck, which is easy to deform and will breed bacteria. Now, there are many kinds of materials used to make pillows,

The following introduces several common pillows, you may wish to choose the pillow that suits you according to your needs.

Buckwheat pillows. Pillows made of buckwheat husks are pillows traditionally used by folk. Buckwheat husk is lightweight, has a tough and unbridled diamond-shaped structure, and can change shape as the head moves as the pillow core, and is warm in winter and cool in summer, which has the effect of clearing heat and dispelling fire. But the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for cleaning, and it is best to dry it regularly in the sun.

Ordinary man-made fiber pillows. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean, but because the chemical fiber material lacks elasticity and is not breathable, it will be deformed and agglomerated over time, making the pillow uneven, especially the inferior chemical fiber pillow of some small manufacturers is more likely to occur.

Porous breathable fiber pillow. We often see different brands of four-hole pillows, seven-hole pillows, nine-hole pillows, etc. in the mall, and the filling inside is actually a chemical synthetic fiber commonly known as fluffy cotton. In the production process, the fiber center of the fluffy cotton will form a cavity, the so-called “hole”, and the number of holes varies depending on the process. In general, this pillow core has high breathability and elasticity, which is very helpful for sleep.

Feather pillows. A good down pillow has good fluffiness, will not be deformed due to long-term use, and has the advantages of light weight, breathability and non-stuffiness. But it is not easy to clean, and some people will be allergic to down.

Natural latex pillow. It has the advantages of good elasticity, sterility, not easy to deform, strong support and easy cleaning, but the price is relatively expensive.

Natural cork pillows. The use of pure natural cork through dozens of special processes made, cork particles have soft, good elasticity, light weight, good sweat absorption, high breathability characteristics, users can also change the shape of the pillow according to needs, more conducive to the health care of the cervical spine.

Because the pillowcase will be in close contact with the skin of the head and neck, therefore, the “face” of the pillowcase is best to choose breathable, absorbent cotton fabric feather pillow core soft and comfortable, good fluffiness, the hotel is made of down bedding, five-star enjoyment, you can go to Taobao we Shumeng love bedding to see, there is a lot of down bedding knowledge can be seen hehe. When choosing a pillow, pay attention to the height, hardness, elasticity and material of the pillow.


The height of the pillow is related to the quality of sleep and the health of the body.

Pillows that are too high can slowly deform the cervical spine, strain the neck muscles, and may also promote the formation of bone spurs.

When pillow high, breathing will not be smooth, easy to have dry mouth, sore throat, snoring, etc., and wake up will feel neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus.

The pillow is also not good, it is also not good for the cervical spine, it is easy to open the mouth to breathe, snore, and wake up there will be a swollen head, irritability, and swollen face.

So, how tall is the right pillow? This varies from person to person, and is related to each person’s fat and thin, the width of the shoulders, the length of the neck, the sleeping posture, etc.

The suitable height of the pillow is generally 10~15 cm, and the pillow of people with wide shoulders, fat body and long neck should be slightly higher.

For people who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs, the height of their pillow should be the same as the height of their fist after compression (the height of the fist mouth upward); For people who are accustomed to sleeping on their side, the height of their pillow should be compressed to be the same as the width of their shoulders.

In addition, the pillow of patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma should be slightly higher, and people with low blood pressure and anemia should preferably use a slightly lower pillow.

Hardness and elasticity

The pillow is too hard to make the contact area between the head and the pillow small, the local pressure is large, and it is very uncomfortable to sleep on.

If the pillow is too soft, the head will sink in, affecting blood circulation, numbing the head, and easily causing fatigue of the neck muscles.

The elasticity of the pillow should not be too large, otherwise the neck is very tired, which is easy to cause neck muscle damage.


There are many kinds of materials for the filling of pillows, so you can choose according to your preference.

Buckwheat husks

Buckwheat husk is a pure natural material, moderate soft and hard, good breathability, the shape of this pillow can change with the head left and right movement, it is very comfortable to sleep; However, the elasticity is poor, and there will be a sound when the head is active, which affects the fall of sleep, and is not suitable for people who are prone to insomnia.

man-made fiber

Chemical fiber material cleaning is very convenient, but ordinary pillow core permeability is not very good, after a period of use the elasticity is reduced, easy to harden, agglomerate. The high-quality pillow core is made of hollow fiber and other composite materials, which have good air permeability, resilience, warmth, fluffiness and service life.


Latex has good elasticity, not easy to deform, strong support, and this pillow will not cause respiratory allergies because of no fine fibers and dust, especially suitable for allergic people and asthma patients. But the price is higher.


This pillow will not deform, is breathable, soft and comfortable. But it cannot be washed and is not suitable for people with allergies.

The pillow core should be cleaned once every few months. A year or two to replace it with a new one.

Buckwheat wrapper pillows can be dried without washing with water.

Man-made fiber pillows can be washed, generally washed in a washing machine, to rinse clean, squeeze or spin dry the water, and dry it flat.

Latex pillows should be washed with clean water after washing with suitable detergent, and then wrapped with a dry cloth to absorb water, and placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. It cannot be left in the sun to avoid aging of the material.

Keep the feather pillow in a ventilated place to dry. Just pat it a few times with your hand. Do not wash with water

Because having a good pillow can help you know that you have a good sleep time, so in order for our body to be healthier, we should change ourselves through some such ways, then at this time you should choose some pillows that suit you, so that you can be better, because some pillows can also make your sleep very healthy.

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