After winter, the tweed coats of various styles and colors simply made us pick and choose. For female friends, the choice of coat is very key, once the wrong choice, not only easy to show age, but also no temperament.

No matter what age women are, it is right to choose these 4 colors of coats, classic and atmospheric, and can also present an elegant and high-class temperament.

1. Black coat

The black tweed coat has always been sought after by many women, and it is quite atmospheric to wear the body, especially with such a large lapel design, and the neckline part exposes the bottom white turtleneck sweater, breaking the dullness brought by the black match. We can be like a model sister, with a pair of white boots on the lower body, foreign and capable, and the overall match is high-class and atmospheric.

Many girls look cumbersome and have no temperament as soon as they put on tweed coats. In fact, the tall and thin coat matching will make the whole person look smart and neat, highlighting the atmospheric aura, and the whole person will also look very courageous, like this set of black tweed coat and cropped denim straight pants, it is very refreshing and atmospheric, and the feet are a pair of burgundy high-heeled boots, which are very eye-catching.

Once women reach the age of forty or fifty, they generally pursue low-key and mature combinations, such as this black tweed coat and gray sweater shawl that perfectly matches this. The simple and atmospheric gray and white color scheme is commensurate with the wearer’s own calm temperament, and the jeans and booties on the lower body give the wearing a more capable atmosphere.

2. Red coat

Jujube red coat is not as frivolous and exaggerated as a red coat, for mature women, choose a low-key and temperamental jujube red coat, can maximize the elegant intellectual charm of the body, if you want to be more gentle and ladylike, you can choose a high-waist pleated skirt, both showing the proportion of the body, but also very atmospheric.

When wearing a jujube red tweed coat, we can also be like this model lady, draping the coat over the shoulders, adding an elegant and casual temperament, delicate and noble. Layered underneath is a knitted sweater with light gray straight-leg pants that casually show off the leg length, highlighting the calm and gentle charm of a mature woman.

Orange red is a highly saturated color, used on the coat, after wearing the body with a white effect, the warm and healing smile of the little sister, exudes a lively and enthusiastic charm, it is simply heart-melting. For this bright coat, we try to choose simple underwear and bottoms so that it does not look ostentatious.

3. White coat

The fabric of this white tweed coat is relatively thick, plus the wide plate shape, so try to choose light bottoms and undershirts when matching to weaken the feeling of bloated and heavy. Like this lady, with a green sweater and a white knitted straight skirt, she is gentle and ladylike, very elegant.

In the matching of white tweed coats, if you want to be more feminine, you can try the combination of black silk and boots on the lower body, under the black silk faintly revealing the whiteness of the leg skin, combined with high boots, it plays a role in modifying the shape of the legs, and the leg lines are slender and straight.

4. Camel coat

Camel color has a retro charm, especially atmospheric in winter. Wearing a camel coat in winter, we can use layering to highlight the layering, which is both fashionable and age-reducing.

For mature women, wearing a camel coat can highlight the charm of calm atmosphere, which is very advanced. Like this double-breasted H-shaped camel coat, the loose style is more inclusive for the body, and it can be fashioned with jeans.

In addition, mature women can also control the silhouette of the camel coat jacket very well, this kind of cape-like coat, the upper body after the body to modify the body is particularly petite, the lower body with black skinny jeans and flat shoes, casual atmosphere, there is a mature charm precipitated by the years.

Winter coats are not many but fine, choosing the right coat color is the key to fashion, after appreciating the above 4 colors of coats, which one do you like the most?

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