On November 18, 2018, the 10th anniversary celebration of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store and Hu Yanbin’s “Yan to Courtesy” star concert were presented at the north square of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store.

The ten years of ups and downs have opened up the magnificent unlimited prospects of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store; Ten years of innovative practice has made Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store incomparable today; Ten years of hard work have created the integrity and reputation of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store in the eyes of consumers. Ten years as a day, step by step to step out of the peak of the industry.

Shi Daoyun, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of Baohe District and Secretary of the Party Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Shi Daoyun, General Manager of Anhui Meijia Kitchen Accessories Co., Ltd., President of Hefei Building Materials Chamber of Commerce Wang Hua, Chairman of Anhui Third Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Shen Guangjun, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Third Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Yu Zhonglin, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Third Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Wu Jiazhou, Chairman of Hefei Ruili IKEA Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Yang Yongqiang, General Manager of Nobel Ceramics Anhui Branch Pan Wenyuan, General Manager of Hefei Daodao Flooring Yao Jingen, Mengtian Mumen Hefei Regional General Manager Zhang Shaoli, General Manager of Wrigley Sanitary Ware Hefei District Tang Yong, Marco Polo Tile Hefei District General Manager Xu Zuqiu, Chairman of Klaifer Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Yin Qihong, General Manager of Kohler Kitchen and Bath Anhui Province, General Manager of Anhui Langshi Company Chen Jianliang, General Manager of Anhui Shengxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Shi Qingdong, Chairman of Hefei Sophia Wardrobe and Simi Cabinet Cheng Daoguang, General Manager of Hefei Hardware Hefei District Sun Rongxing, General Manager of Hefei Zhibang Home Sales Co., Ltd. Xu Li, General Manager of Oppein Cabinet Hefei District WEI Ping, General Manager of Century Jiamei Co., Ltd. Dai Chunmei, General Manager of Hefei Life Home Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Cao Xiangjin, General Manager of Hengjie Sanitary Ware Hefei District Chen Yanhuang, General Manager of TATA Mumen Hefei District Meng Wenzheng, General Manager of Natural Flooring Hefei Tian Wanbiao, Chairman of Guolin Flooring Cheng Guolin, General Manager of Amber Flooring Xu Yulong, Chairman of Hefei Merkite Ceiling Zhang Qi, Chairman of Jiacheng Wood Industry Cheng Ji, General Manager of Hefei Huang Room Lighting Hefei District Co., Ltd. Chen Jiali, General Manager of Dongpeng Tile Hefei District HUANG Jianhong, General Manager of Anhui Wanpeng Trading Co., Ltd. Chen Yuqi, General Manager of Hefei District of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Hu Houjie, General Manager of Hefei Dingjian Wood Industry Ye Yan, General Manager of Hefei District of Eagle Ceramic Tile Xu Xiaochuan, Summit Ceramics Hefei Regional General Manager Li Shaozhong, Deputy General Manager of Hefei Operation Center of Jiumu Kitchen and Bath Co., Ltd. Huang Huaxing, Anhua Sanitary Ware Hefei Regional General Manager Chen Changsheng, General Manager of Hefei Hefei Yang Wen, General Manager of Hefei Milan Soft Decoration Wu Jun, General Manager of Lanshe Diatom Mud Hefei District Chen Mao, General Manager of Character Ceiling Hefei District Peng Chengsheng, Chairman of Hefei Xinya Cabinet Fan Yajing, General Manager of Gujia Home Furnishing Hefei District Daniel Zhang. General Manager of Hefei Panpan Mumen Wang Erkai, General Manager of Hefei Belle Cabinet Hong Bin, General Manager of Rheinland Overall Wood Work Zhu Peng, Deville Custom Wardrobe Hefei Regional General Manager Bao Lei, General Manager of Shang Mumen Yang Honggang, General Manager of Chunzhiyuan Diatom Mu Hefei District Zhang Ganzhong, Chairman of Hefei Guyou Wood Industry Fang Yugang, Chairman of Jiuhe Wood Jiang Jigao, General Manager of Hefei Tulip Soft Decoration Qian Yong, General Manager of Douglas Tile Hefei District Ge Junwu, General Manager of Meida Integrated Stove Hefei District Li Zhaojun, General Manager of Moen Sanitary Ware Hefei District Wu Fagang, General Manager of Shangbai Wood Industry Hefei District Qian Fuming, Chairman of Wanjia Mercure General Manager of Anhui District of Wanping, A Home Furnishing Chen Renshan, General Manager of Mousse Bedding Anhui District Liu Yingge, General Manager of Innova Ceramics Hefei District Wang Defa, Mona Lisa, General Manager of Modern Times Hefei District Zheng Jiafu, General Manager of KD Home Hefei Zhao Yurong, General Manager of Aimurai Home Hefei Yao Jimao, General Manager of Quanyou Furniture Yuan Bo, General Manager of Hollywood Hefei District Cheng Lanfang, Luo Xiaofeng, President of China Construction Hefei Design Institute, Zhu Fujian, General Manager of Dufang Paint Hefei District, Germany, Hou Jinlei, Director of Suzhou Luopus Aluminum Co., Ltd., Fan Ronggang, Vice President of Wuhu Door and Window Association, and Hu Yanbin, fans and friends nearly thousands of people shared the glory and wonderfulness of the 10th anniversary of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store.

The sound wave came, the passionate singing ears were already happily about to fly, and in the passionate shouts brought by the band, the ten years of Yan Zhi polite officially kicked off.

Xu Fang, general manager of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store

In the past ten years, we have always stood at the forefront of the industry, and the reason why we have achieved today is due to the recognition of our consumers, the support of merchant brands, the tireless publicity of the media and the dedication of all employees. In the future, we will, as always, continue to take industry benchmarking as our responsibility, provide consumers with better home furnishing products, provide merchants with more powerful business protection, and provide a better cooperation environment for the media. Ten years will be a new starting point, and we will always be full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit! Create a new benchmark in the material industry!

Wang Hua, President of Hefei Building Materials Chamber of Commerce

The achievements of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store are obvious to all, leading all the settled brands to provide considerate and thoughtful services and high-quality home life experience for consumers in Hefei. It is believed that in the future, Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store will open a new page for the development of Hefei’s home building materials market.

Shi Daoyun, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Baohe District and secretary of the party group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce

The influence and attractiveness of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store are increasing day by day. We are looking forward to the next ten years of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store to seize the opportunity, leapfrog development, and make new and greater contributions to the development of Baohe District! Wanghu Ten Years Award Ceremony Looking back on the ten years of deeds, every glory and brilliant memory is still fresh, and the scene of each event is vividly remembered, as the organizer of this ceremony, Guobang Mei Home Wanghu Store, once again shows the gratitude of the enterprise, grateful for the support and contribution of the brand in the past ten years, and thanks to the hard-working front-line sales elites.

Wanghu Ten Years Growth Brand

Wanghu Ten Years · Contribution Brand

Wanghu Decade, Leader Brand

Wanghu Ten Years Excellent Shopping Guide Award

The industry leader Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store has been imitated and never surpassed, and the 10th anniversary celebration invited music magician Hu Yanbin to create a unique musical carnival and a feast of audio-visual feast.

The endless “treasure boyfriend” Hu Yanbin made a shocking appearance and ignited this winter with his song.

The style is varied, and you can switch between four stunning seats in each capital.

Singing and lighting dance together, presenting an audio-visual feast of sound, color, light and shadow.

The launching ceremony of the 10th anniversary celebration of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu Store.

Ten years of time have passed like a white horse, and ten years of ups and downs have forged ahead. Ten years is a milestone in the glorious journey, standing at this new starting point, let us unload our glory, like teenagers, and then set off.

And the wonderfulness of Wanghu never stops satisfying you~ take all the carnival you want, look at the people present all weekend, you know how hot it is~

The scene was quite spectacular, and the scene was really crowded, full of firepower, and crowded.

The slightly cold early winter can not stop the enthusiasm of consumers, this is the influence of the brand, the charm of Guobang Mei Home Furnishing Wanghu store.

And we didn’t mean to disturb it, but everyone knows it.

The original intention of this road of ten years has not changed, not mottled and discolored by the washing of the years, this road is unswerving, not lost by the world, bring ten years of precipitation, set sail again, and welcome the next beautiful decade.

The brands participating in this event are: Ruili IKEA whole house customization, Nobel Ceramics, Great Country Floor, Mengtian wooden door, Wrigley bathroom, Marco Polo tiles, Clover Home, Kohler Sanitary Ware, Elephant Floor, Sophia Whole House Customization, Hui Tailong Hardware, Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet, Oppein Cabinet, Weimei L&D Ceramics, Living Home Baroque Floor, Hengjie Sanitary Ware, TATA Wooden Door, Nature Floor, Guolin Floor, Amber Floor, Melkite Ceiling, Jiacheng Floor, Huang Room Lighting, Dongpeng Tile, Guanzhu Ceramics, Xinzhongyuan Ceramics , Meijia kitchen cabinet, roof wooden door, eagle brand ceramics, Samit ceramics, Jiumu sanitary ware, Anhua sanitary ware, Zhongzhixin cabinets, Milan soft decoration, Lanshe diatom mud, character ceiling, Xinya cabinets, Gujia home, Panpan wooden door, Belle kitchen cabinet, Rhein integral woodwork, Deville whole house customization, decorative wooden door, spring yuan diatom mud, Guyou wooden door, Jiuhe wooden door, tulip soft decoration, Douglas tile, Meida integrated stove, Moen sanitary ware, Shangbai wood, A.O Smith water heater, Edger whole house customization, Ifeborg safe, Arika wardrobe, Anhui Baige home, Aohua ceiling, Aopu integrated ceiling, Aopu experience store, Baroque wooden door, Baiju Maihome, Poly Calle ceiling, Benmu Omori whole house customization, Bosch HVAC, Buyang security door, Innovation Lega cabinet, spring security door, natural wall height wallpaper, German Vaillant heating, imperial aristocracy whole house customization, Tiana whole house customization, Dongpeng sanitary ware, French standard sanitary ware, Fanmu family floor, Vankeni cabinet, Firlinks, Fuqing board, Fuxin door industry, Gujia wooden door, Heuer Hui Yun, Hanshe sanitary ware, hangpai cabinets, Haopai stairs, good decoration home lighting, Vantage electrical appliances, Hui spinning fabric art, Huifu lamp shop, Huiwanjia tiles, Huowang electrical appliances, Jiale doors and windows, Jieshun Chenglong doors and windows, Today glass, Jindi wooden doors, Jindian lighting, gold medal tianwei, gold medal bathroom, giant armored stairs, carbode ceiling, Kathmo floor, Kailan ceiling, Kanghui floor, Kolida floor, Koloburg kitchen cabinet, Kendia floor, Laisio ceiling, Lankai doors and windows, Langnaide doors and windows, Reading sanitary ware, Nippon paint, Liangchen lighting, Luzhou Fulin, Louis Modern Tiles, Meibu Soft Decoration Pavilion, Meicheng Porcelain Solid Cabinets, Meijiahua Sanitary Ware, Meixin Wooden Doors, Famous Door Silent Door Locks, Wooden King Flooring, Navia Home, Oclassic Cabinets, OPPLE Ceiling, OPPLE Lighting, OSRAM Lighting, Oino Cabinets, Gulschman Furniture, Paya Doors and Windows, Panpan Drying Rack, Payne Electric Appliances, Thousands of Beauty Fabrics, Thousands of Shun Doors and Windows, Thousand Silk Bird Fabrics, Dry Power Decoration Hardware, Hitachi Central Air Conditioning, Rongshida Smart Home, Rongsheng Ceiling, Ressa Shower Room, Shiyou Floor, Sanxiong Aurora, Shakespeare Soft Decoration , Shanghai Hejia Cabinet, Shangchen Sanitary Ware, Shanggao Sanitary Ware, Shanggu Residence, Shangpin Sanitary Ware, Shenluda Sanitary Ware, Shenghe Ceramics, Shengit Cabinet, Shusen Wood, Shunhui Tile, Smartway Whole House Customization, Four-dimensional Bathroom, Panasonic Ceiling, Baby Rabbit Floor, Baby Bunny Wooden Door, Tuscan Ceiling, Wanbao Mattress, Wangong Mountain Wooden Door, Victoria Wardrobe, My Le Kitchen Cabinet, Wolefei Soft Decoration, Siemens Home Appliances, Simon Electric, Xima Sanitary Ware, Xilinmen Mattress, Xindi Wooden Door, Hennessy Doors and Windows, Snow Rain Bathroom, Ajiele Cabinet, Yajie hardware, Yalijia kitchen cabinets, Yaxuan lighting, Yihe doors and windows, Yitian integrated stove, Yin’s wooden door, AIA ceiling, magnolia wallpaper, Yusen cabinets, Chint electrician, left and right edge wardrobes, decoration hardware. (The above brands are ranked in no particular order.) Due to the large number of participating brands, please understand if there are any omissions! )

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