Wearing an overcoat alone, there is grace and no temperature; Only wear a down jacket, keep warm but not fashionable enough.

If you match “coat” and “down jacket” together, what kind of chemical reaction will occur if you take into account the “layered” shape that takes into account temperature and grace?

In Japanese miscellaneous and European and American fashion wear, one of the most commonly used layering routines:

Coat + down jacket

, setting off this winter’s trend.

The demeanor of the coat plus the temperature of the down jacket

, warm upgrade fashion sense is also doubled!

In this issue, I will share with you the layering skills of “coat + down jacket”, from selection to matching, a complete and detailed dressing strategy.

First, choose the right style

Coats and down jackets, both popular items in winter wear, although there are obvious differences in style, but two

Same season


Pieces that play a major role in the outfit are grouped together

, If you don’t wear it well, it is easy to overwhelm the master, making the overall look abrupt and contradictory.

Therefore, if you want to control the “coat + down jacket” layering, you must first choose the right style.

1.1 Selection criteria for coats

Try to choose a silhouette and loose waist fit for the coat

, so that it will not look bloated and abrupt when wearing a down jacket;

The fabric should have a certain stiffness

, soft collapse and down jacket too close to the shape is easy to affect the beauty of the shape.

Little girls are born

Mid-length fit coat

It is preferred, and the length of the thigh position will not crush the height.

1.2 Selection criteria for down jackets

When the down jacket is paired with the coat, in order to avoid bloated styling,

Try to choose a light and comfortable “light model” for down jackets.

Don’t overly pursue fashionable and personalized styles,

Solid colors are preferred;

Attention to detail, such as collarless, lapel or hooded collar, makes it very different for down jackets with different collar types.

In addition to the regular model,

Down vest

It is popular in the “coat layered down jacket” look, freeing the sense of restraint of the hands, whether worn as an inner or outer layer, it can meet the warmth and fashion effect.

Second, pay attention to collocation

2.1 Wear a down jacket under the coat

The down jacket itself has excellent warmth, plus an overcoat, which is very good

Temperature locking effect

, warm and comfortable to wear.

Wear a down jacket underneath and it’s okay

Get rid of the bloated feeling on the look

Although the overall shape takes into account temperature and demeanor, it looks more fashionable to the naked eye than the warmth effect.

2.2 Down jacket with coat

Change your dressing ideas, wear the coat inside the down jacket, and the overall sense of shape layering will be more obvious.

Of course, the most important thing about this layered shape of the reflection road is to be

Pay attention to the length of the coat and down jacket

。 If it’s a tall girl, even if it is

“Inside is long and outside is short”


“Outside length and internal shortness”

It’s all easy to navigate.

And the little girl gives birth,

The length of the coat is required to be “over the waist but not the crotch”, and the length of the coat and down jacket is shorter than the coat

, otherwise it will expose the height shortboard, and the overall shape looks shorter.

2.3 The coat is the same color as the down jacket

Coats and down jackets belong to different qualities and styles,

In order to avoid appearing obtrusive together, try to keep the two in the same color

, can achieve a gradient layering effect.

For example, if a black coat is paired with a black down jacket, the same color will not steal the limelight from one of the items; The use of white shirts and blue jeans to weaken the slightly monotony of black, black Martin boots up and down color echoes, the overall look is simple and layered.

2.4 Use a down jacket as a finishing touch

If the clothes worn all over the body are plain and dark basic, you can

Choose a bright color or a down jacket with a sense of design

, as the finishing touch of the whole body shape, to enhance the sense of layering and brighten the vision.


The perfect combination of coat and down jacket, taking into account temperature and demeanor, makes the overall look thin and high-class.

If you don’t have inspiration for dressing this winter, you might as well try the “layered” look of coat + down jacket!

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