After winter, in terms of shoe matching, various styles and materials of shoes are eye-catching. Over-the-knee boots have been popular in recent years, but matching boots is not only restraining, but also a little inconvenient.

Compared with boots, it is recommended that everyone wear delicate and small boots, which are easy to match, and do not pick people or figures. Next, Mo Yu will introduce you to several short boots that are very popular at the moment.

1. Matching with shiny patent leather booties

• Leather jacket + booties

If you want to dress fashionably and handsome in winter, you can choose this set of leather clothes to match. This black glossy leather jacket adopts the shape of a suit, smart and neat, with the same color underwear and high-waisted straight pants, especially the pair of pointed toe high-heeled shiny booties on the feet, making the original simple shape instantly full of the aura of a big woman.

• Camel coat + jeans + booties

This casual coat is a simple and durable outfit, with a tough denim fabric and leather booties that echo the drape of the leg line.

• Short coat + skirt + brown booties

The combination of dark leggings and dark booties maximizes the slenderness and straightness of the calf line. In the winter styling, we must have the courage to show the thinnest position in the body, that is, the ankle position, so that the combination is both refreshing and capable, very thin and slim.

• Sweater + wide-leg pants + glossy patent leather pointed toe boots

In the original monotonous matte color shape, a small area of glossy patent leather embellishment was added, which immediately looked both trendy and quite cool, and the little sister was very capable and fashionable to wear this outfit.

Second, velvet matte booties

• Coat + sweater + booties

When women reach a certain age, they can use knitted and woolen fabrics to highlight the sense of maturity and stability, such as this light gray tweed coat with a blue turtleneck sweater, which is both fresh and simple, and the lower body is a knitted straight skirt, which plays a role in modifying the body shape and optimizing the proportions of the body. The black velvet booties on the feet are designed with a block heel, which not only shows the length of the legs, but also is particularly comfortable to wear on the feet.

• Sweater + jeans + block heeled booties

The block heel booties retain some retro elements and are used to match jeans, which are both smart and dashing, and maintain the stable and down-to-earth personality of mature women. Especially for petite girls, using this kind of block heel boots with high-waisted jeans can show the proportion of the lower body, especially tall and slim.

3. Square toe ankle boots

• Camel coat + jeans + square toe booties

We all know that the tweed fabric coat is relatively soft and comfortable, so the boots with tough leather fabric on the feet can play a neutralizing role, and the upper body has a better effect on the leg shape. If you choose shoes that are too soft material, it is easy to appear cheap.

• Suit + jeans + square toe patent leather boots

The black square-toe patent leather boots with glossy material look very unique and retro, and this material can give us a refined sense of fashion. The lower body is matched with split denim trousers, and the trouser tube just covers the boots, forming a retro and personal feeling, cool and handsome.

• Sweater + skirt + square-toe booties

Fresh and attractive zebra print sweater with pure black A-line skirt, simple and atmospheric, on the feet is a pair of retro-style square-toe boots, this narrow mouth boots are most suitable for matching skirts, cool style meets lady style to form a subtle feeling, very peculiar.

• Suit + straight pants + bright pink square toe boots

If you want to try a more fashionable combination, we can change the color of the boots, like this bright pink square-toe boots, which add a visual highlight to the originally monotonous black and white suit shape, which is very personal.

• Suit + skirt + platform square toe boots

This set of avocado green and black is very fresh and bright. A certain dividing line is formed between the hem of the skirt and the cuff of the boots, revealing the skin of the calves, making it look more refreshing and capable.

Overall, booties are really a very versatile item, much better than boots, whether tall or small.

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