Chen Jianmin, member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Motorsport Association; In the 90s of last century, Hunan Province’s veteran cycling champion. In 2004, he started the Hunan Huanxiang Cycling Race.

In recent years, more and more people like outdoor cycling, wearing helmets, cycling clothes, riding bicycles, and wandering freely. In addition to envy and exclamation, you can also join.

Choose a set of equipment that suits you, look handsome, and you can also protect yourself from damage.

“If you want to get a good bike from the perspective of cycling and exercise, it should be the most important.” When it comes to cycling equipment, Chen Jianmin, founder of the Hunan Huanxiang Cycling Race and the first national intermediate cycling coach in Hunan Province, said in an interview with this reporter.

First, the choice of model

“There are more than a dozen or even dozens of types of bicycles on the market now, such as common commuter bikes, road bikes, track bikes, mountain bikes, etc.” Chen Jianmin introduced, “Choosing a bicycle is like picking clothes, and what suits you is the best. ”

For ordinary riders, the first thing to understand is that “different models are not the same occasions”.

Chen Jianmin introduced: “When choosing a bicycle, you should adapt to your own sports occasions, suit your own body, and meet your functional needs for bicycles. ”

Chen Jianmin listed the models corresponding to different needs.



It is used for daily life, then generally choose a common light car, you can also choose a car with a basket, which is convenient for placing items; If there are slopes on the road section you ride frequently, you can choose a bicycle with a transmission; If the riding section is bumpy, it is recommended to choose a bicycle with wider tires and a transmission; If you have a long riding distance, you should choose a bike with a transmission and narrow tires; If there are more opportunities to ride at night, you should choose a bicycle with lights, etc. ”

When talking about the price of the model, Chen Jianmin introduced: “The entry price of all types of bicycles is not high, hundreds of thousands of yuan is already a very good car, if you want to participate in sports and small competitions as a bicycle enthusiast, then more than two thousand yuan of the car, is completely suitable.” ”

2. Preparation before riding

Choose your bike, add your gear, and get ready for your ride.

“The first thing to note is that the frame is sized to fit the rider’s figure.” Chen Jianmin said, “The rider can sit on the saddle, step on the pedal with both feet up and down, and the leg that steps on the bottom can hang down naturally

Straighten up

That’s it. This is a simple and practical way to check if the frame size is appropriate. ”

Frame material is also important!

A good frame must meet the requirements of light weight, strong enough,


High three conditions, the current frame materials that meet these three conditions on the market are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and alloy steel, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but also according to the specific riding environment to choose.

Before departure, the bicycle should also be inspected, such as tires, brakes, gear wheels, lamps, bells and other hardware configuration inspection, and also adjust the saddle, handlebars, speed, etc.

Of course, careful cycling will also check whether the tire pressure of the car is normal, whether there are stones in the tire tread, whether the wheels are eccentric, etc. When traveling at night, you also need to pay attention to check the lamps and reflective strips; When traveling in rainy weather, you need to check the fenders.

Among them, the inspection of brakes and bells is particularly important.

Third, the choice of protective gear

Once you’ve chosen your bike, it’s time to equip yourself.

Chen Jianmin introduced, “As a cyclist, if you want to participate in cycling and small competitions, it is essential to first buy a helmet for safety reasons. There are also options for cycling clothing, wrist pads, knee pads, and shoes. ”

“As a cyclist who regularly participates in cycling, I need to buy additional protective gear.” Chen Jianmin introduced, “For example, when the wind and sand are strong or the sun is dazzling, you can choose goggles or sunglasses. The Magic Turban can be worn or not, it is mainly used to keep out dust when riding on the road, and it is recommended to wear a neck bib or bandana when riding during the day to avoid sunburn. Knee pads and wrist pads can be worn selectively, and its role is mainly to protect joints and tighten muscles.

In addition, cycling clothing is also indispensable for bicycle enthusiasts, it is recommended to try to wear cycling clothes to ride, breathable, sweat-wicking, both wear-resistant and UV-resistant; If you don’t have a cycling suit, you should wear tighter boxer panties, which can reduce friction on the inner thighs and prevent abrasions. ”

4. Maintenance of bicycles

1. Bicycle tire maintenance:

Due to the high middle and low sides of the road, in general, the left side of the bicycle tire is often worn more than the right side. At the same time, due to the rear center of gravity, the rear wheels generally wear out faster than the front wheels. Therefore, after the new tire is used for a certain period of time, the front and rear tires should be exchanged and the left and right directions should be reversed.

2. Maintenance of chain:

If the bicycle chain rusts, you can use kitchen cleaner to wipe off the rust spots, clean the cleaning agent on the chain, and wash it in diesel fuel to restore the chain as before.

3. Parts maintenance:

The bicycle plating layer is dusted off with a dry cloth and coated with neutral oil (such as sewing machine oil); The body paint film of the bicycle is brushed with a chicken feather broom.

It cannot be wiped with oil or exposed to sunlight;

Any bicycle coated with cover paint in the bicycle cannot be varnished with car wax, and the paint will fall off;

After the bicycle is exposed to rain, use a dry cloth to absorb moisture to prevent rust; Bicycle axles, flywheels, forks, pedals, etc., should be often added with butter or lubricating oil, and the flywheel should be added with some thin oil. Bicycles are cleaned with kerosene once a year.

Be careful not to keep the bicycle near the heating, kitchen, coal stove, etc. to avoid corrosion.

A. Cycling clothing

1. Try to choose the front zipper can be pulled relatively large, good breathability.

2. If there are small pockets in the back or side, you can put small things, and it is better to put mobile phones with closed pockets.

3. The clothes should preferably have reflective strips, and it is safe to ride at night.

4. Cycling pants have the shape of underpants, and you can wear them inside for commuting; If you want to wear it outside, the length is selected according to the situation, and the trouser legs must not be bound to the thighs; For absolute comfort, choose a strap style that is integrated.

B. Helmet

Criteria for judging the quality of a helmet, including texture, weight, lining, wearing comfort, breathability, and wind resistance.

Helmets generally have a smooth shell surface, and good helmets either have more holes or a larger area of holes, all to improve breathability. A well-made helmet has a larger inner lining, better texture, and a stronger bond to the inside of the helmet.

C. Cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are divided into half finger and full finger, try to choose a strong stitch part and thick palm when purchasing. Some gloves also have towel material added to the thumb to make it easier for the rider to sweat.

D. Cycling glasses

To wear comfortably, this is related to the texture and size of cycling glasses. The texture and color of the lenses can affect the effect of UV rays and light transmission, and if the journey is long, it is recommended to choose cycling goggles with lenses of different colors.

E. Code table

Electronic products used to calculate mileage and speed. There are two types of computers, wired and wireless, the latter is more expensive, and cyclists generally use wired computers.

G. Sports kettle and bottle cage

Sports kettles have two textures, plastic and alloy, and you should pay attention to whether there is a peculiar smell in the pot and whether the appearance is firm. When purchasing a bottle cage, pay attention to whether the size matches the kettle, whether the structure is strong, and whether it may cause scratches to the kettle.

F. Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are divided into self-locking and non-self-locking two, the latter is similar to ordinary sneakers, but it emphasizes fastening, the former needs to be used with self-locking pedals.

Cycling shoes are optional, mainly considering the comfort and functionality of the shoes.

Cyclists who ride long distances can wear cycling shoes that require less effort when pedaling, because the soles of cycling shoes are stiffer than regular shoes. At the same time, self-locking shoes and self-locking pedals can also greatly improve the efficiency of force transmission.

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