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Recently, the Nanming District Administration for Market Regulation received a complaint from Shell Brand International Joint Stock Company, alleging that the “Shell” product used on a construction site located in the middle section of Huaxi Avenue in Nanming District is suspected of infringing the exclusive right to use registered goods. After receiving the complaint, the Nanming District Market Supervision Administration and the Nanming District Public Security Sub-Bureau inspected the construction site.

During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the allegedly infringing products used by the company were: Shell Delix hydraulic oil and Shell gear oil. Guangzhou Viao Business Consulting Co., Ltd., entrusted by Shell, identified that the products marked with registered trademarks such as “Shell” and “Shell” used at the construction site were not produced by Shell Brand International Joint Stock Company and its authorized units, and were counterfeit products of Shell’s registered trademarks.

After investigation, the products involved were purchased by the construction company and used for its own use. The construction company provided law enforcement officers with the supplier’s business license, order contract, Shell dealer authorization certificate, quality assurance certificate, bank transfer voucher and other purchase and sale vouchers on site. The case has been further investigated by the Nanming District Public Security Bureau.

In this regard, the Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau reminds that engine oil is the lubricating oil of the engine, which has the effect of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing and wear reduction for the engine. If counterfeit engine oil is used, it will greatly affect the life of the engine, and serious may also cause engine failure, which has serious safety risks. Therefore, consumers must carefully check the outer packaging when buying engine oil, the packaging of genuine engine oil is finely made, the sealing cap is generally a disposable lid, the genuine engine oil smell is light, and the fake engine oil will generally have a strong pungent smell. At the time of purchase, it is also possible to avoid buying a fake by verifying the anti-counterfeiting mark. During the purchase process, the supplier can also be required to provide business license, quality assurance certificate and other supporting documents, so that it can actively protect rights in the event of a dispute in the later stage. (Text/Photo: Wuyang, Wang Qiang)

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