“Little black pants” has always been a basic item, as a classic style in the fashion industry, whether it is fashion life or celebrity street photography can be seen everywhere, generally refers to black skinny style small leg pants.

In the dressing of stars, the proportion of small black pants is also quite high, black ripped jeans, the leg shape is displayed, the position of the hole reveals a small amount of skin, the black fabric is more set off to the skin fair, but also more fashionable, with the same color top or with the classic white is a good choice, fashionable and simple.

Small black pants are also a four-season item, what kind of clothes with a pair of small black pants, will not go wrong, used to concave the body concave shape are a very good choice, can be said to be not only the entertainment industry, basically many girls wardrobe will have one or two small black pants, and the status of white shirts is comparable, after all, the more basic the style of the piece, the more can be worn simple and fashionable.

In addition to denim texture of small black pants, this year seems to be particularly popular to wear leggings, seems to have become a trend vane, black leggings softer than jeans, more comfortable to wear, will not appear “pile marks”, directly become a “regular” in street photography.

As the “queen of goods”, Yang Mi will not miss this weather vane, all kinds of bottomed small black pants wear frequently, warm and fashionable, more legs, and basically belong to the four seasons of the piece, choose different thicknesses with the corresponding top, can be worn at any time.

But there is a problem that although black is thinner than other colors of pants, but many girls’ leg shape is actually not very good, because long-term sitting in the office, now in addition to eating is sleeping and playing mobile phones, long meat is “a thousand miles a day”, I have found that my waist is round, this kind of tight small leg pants are very easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure, completely thin people wear sassy and beautiful and thin, fat people wear … Especially the bottom type of small black pants, it is even more “material, willful” people can wear, can not play a decorative effect, basically “what your leg shape, wear what it is”.

Do you think you wear leggings long left like this? In fact, after wearing it may grow on the right side, many plump girls will choose slim style leggings, thinking that this is more thin (in fact, it is not).

Some girls will choose some compression and shaping style slimming pants, this kind of pants are indeed useful, but the compression slimming leg comfort is very low, often strangled to the legs of various red marks, long-term wear is not conducive to leg health, fat girls choose shaped slimming pants is right, can make the leg shape “thin”, but also can meet their own idea of wearing fashionable leggings, but to pick.

Molyvivi Magic Pants is a high-tech new “leggings” that integrates plastic slimming, allowing you to wear it thin, and it is versatile and fashionable.

Extremely resilient

145 pounds

You can wear the following, and you won’t feel strangled at all, whether you are

Thin, slightly fat or plump

Girls can wear it and feel very comfortable.

Wearing it really burns fat

, to play a real leg slimming effect, compared with ordinary leggings, you can find that MOLY magic pants burn calories much more significantly (bright orange indicates heat burning).

Unlike other slimming pants that use pressure to hold sweat to achieve the purpose of slimming, MOLY magic pants have two major black technologies,

High-tech microcapsule RAN fat burning

and “

Fat buster” far-infrared yarn

, can increase the subcutaneous temperature, thereby accelerating fat burning, friction during exercise will also produce a light fragrance, no need to worry about the “odor” caused by sweating.

After putting it on

You can lose weight while lying down

Match the movement

More can play



Strong elasticity, good tight effect, directly worn as fitness pants is also a very good choice.

Sports are most afraid that the clothes are not breathable and too stuffy, and the sports are completely slimy, moly this pants

Wicks away perspiration and moisture

Awesome functionality,

Breathable and visible

according to

Labor-engineered 7-stage precision pressure division technology

, wearing will not have a sense of tension and pressure, comfort is greatly improved, there is no problem at all to do big movements, so that you can exercise more freely.

Like Wu Xin, he often wears these pants when he exercises.

From being complained that the small thick legs are comparable to Haitao, to the current comic legs frequently appearing in magazines, it seems that there is also a credit for these pants.

The appearance is fashionable and simple, direct wear is no problem, there is a thin velvet style, the temperature of the spring is just right, when it is not too cold with a sweatshirt is very good, if the temperature is lower, with a bright cotton jacket or the same color down jacket, warm and show the leg length, and then match who wears who is handsome Martin boots, go out to wear get.

Slimming type of leggings, “standing thin” is a very important standard, after all, weight loss is a process that takes time, but wearing it immediately to shape is still what many slightly fat girls want to pursue, the abdomen is precisely pressurized, the waist side becomes tightened after wearing, the lower abdomen becomes flat, and the hips are even more used

Three-dimensional buttock cup

Design, buttock lift and tummy tuck effect is obvious, “peach buttocks” you deserve!

The pants worn outside, it is very important to appear thin, it is more important to wear standing thin, and the leg circumference is directly smaller, the focus

It is woven with Italian advanced Santoni Fast equipment, and the weaving and pressure effect of different parts of the legs is different

, to truly achieve the effect of beautiful legs and leg shaping.

The pants worn outside, the most afraid is to pill, once such a situation occurs, it is almost the same as waste, basically can not wear out.

And moly magic pants

Quality is guaranteed

Violent scratching also does not appear pilling hooks

, washing machine wash both

Does not fade

One piece at most

Ordinary slimming pants generally have only one quality inspection, but moly can withstand various quality inspection tests, even

Infrared and microencapsulated tests for fat burning

All have quality inspection reports, no need to worry about quality problems.

The point is that the stars are wearing, in addition to Wu Xin’s recommendation, Zhong Liti wore it, Xu Lu also wore these pants on the magazine, and the goddess Song Qian was also photographed wearing these pants to appear at the airport.

“If you don’t lose weight, you never know how beautiful you are!”

The quality is so good

The price is also cheap

, now thanks for the feedback, the original price of 189 pants, special price plus

138 yuan

You can buy it, the official store does not have to worry about buying a fake, now place an order and ship it immediately, and you can also send it to your home for free!!

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