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“I’m fine in another country”

Have you seen it? The story of four out-of-town girls struggling in a big city resonated violently with local migrant workers.

This drama not only has a down-to-earth plot, but also portrays every female character


, I can see the shadows of many ordinary people, including you and me.

Qiao Xichen, played by Zhou Yutong, is one

996 Social Animals

, the first thing to do at work is to change from a pair of small dirty shoes for crowding the subway to a pair of loafers.

That’s too true! High heels are very elegant and delicate, yes, but in our world of social animals,

Flats are yyds

Zhou Yutong himself as

A clothing blogger who has been delayed by his acting career

, weekday wear is also based on comfort, the style is eye-catching but not exaggerated, very reference.


Flat shoes and skirts

These two pieces were combined by her to create a lot of patterns

So, Miya, I will share with you today several ways to wear flat shoes + skirts,

Guaranteed to look good and comfortable!

Ben Mi always felt that canvas shoes are

young blood


If it goes with a skirt, it is

The sense of campus is doubled

, super fresh!

Summer and autumn are the home of floral dresses, and wearing canvas shoes with floral skirts has a special style


Literary and artistic

And also


Just the right balance, it’s very French!

There are so many options to choose from in the color of canvas shoes, which can be done every day according to the color of the clothes

Same color or contrast


The black and white classic model should be a pair for everyone!

All black outfit

is a choice you can never go wrong with

You must have worn a dress before you found out

The color or style is too over

experience, it’s time to let the white canvas shoes come to the rescue!

this year

Checkerboard elements

But it’s too hot, if you’re afraid that you can’t hold too large a checkerboard dress or skirt, you might as well try checkerboard canvas shoes!

In the choice of style, this Mi is more recommended than high-top canvas shoes

Low top


The height of the high-top canvas shoes is very embarrassing, just “eating” a leg, stuck at the boundary between the ankle and the calf, the requirements for the leg shape are very high, careless

Both short legs and thick legs

Low-top canvas shoes that show slender ankles in comparison can be visually to a certain extent

The proportion of elongated legs

Sneakers and skirts look like two pieces that don’t match, but there will be a delicate balance when actually matched together,

It’s elegant and unscrupulous

Don’t worry that sneakers will not be on the table, after all, our sister wears sneakers

The red carpet is all right

And the comfort of sneakers needless to say, tired feet?

Absolutely non-existent

So it’s very suitable for traveling to pick, up the mountain and down the sea to travel tens of thousands of steps a day, you must be the WeChat step champion with the most beautiful photos in the circle of friends.

The king of wilds,

Timeless little white shoes

In the status of sneakers, no other shoe can shake it! How can it be so compatible with all kinds of styles!

With a white dress, a plain color seems to come out of a school drama

Pure school flower heroine

Wear yours with a simple white shirt and black pleated skirt

Energetic beautiful girl

Jane of small white shoes can well neutralize the complexity of floral skirts,

Refreshing and refreshing without being overly sweet

Isn’t it particularly popular this year that long skirts + trousers, and it is estimated that only small white shoes can perfectly digest this

It’s hard to wear

These two years

Domestic sneakers

Rise, the price can be beaten, the quality is excellent, and the malt has not seen the sneakers planted some time ago? Click on the portal below to go directly

The small leather shoes are a little more refined than the canvas shoes and sneakers in front, but they are also versatile

No less

, you can think of a skirt, it can be matched.

First of all, it is very suitable for rigorous workplace scenes, and it is worn daily commuting with suit skirts,

Capable and advanced

But! Small leather shoes are by no means limited to handsome style,

The elegant style is completely ok

。 Yu Shuxin wears flat little leather shoes and a black A-line dress, isn’t she still the master of the fine little princess!

It sounds like a small leather shoe

Sporty wind

, Zhou Yutong can also give you a textbook-like harmonious matching display, as well as the embellishment of lace calf socks, worthy of her!

Small leather shoes + uniform skirt is also a set of classic CP, full of college feeling, in the words of the JK girls, it looks like

Very orthodox and excellent

(Translated as if it looks like a good study)

The black small leather shoes are too classic, and you don’t have to worry about whether white socks will be abruptly worn with black shoes. If it echoes other parts, it will make the whole outfit

More complete and balanced

Beyond the white socks + black small leather shoes worn by my sister, it can neutralize the sweetness brought by puff sleeves and puffy skirts, add a touch of sweet and cool girly atmosphere, and more her

Own character and style

Recently, Yang Mi single-handedly led Dr. Martens to various small leather shoes

But in addition to planting grass, we must not ignore the simultaneous appearance

Socks of various lengths

Same as high-top canvas shoes, if there are no slender and long calves, it is best not to choose socks of this length just above the ankle.

Slightly longer calf socks or longer over-the-knee socks are fine

A sharp tool for defining the shape of the legs

Well, that’s all for today, comfortable and good-looking

Flat shoes + small skirt combo

Did you get it well?


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