A coat is one of the few things that you, your mom, and the general public think is worth paying for, and you should buy one coat a year so you can get through the fall and winter.

Notice that it’s a coat, not a jacket, and a sweatshirt that looks like a coat.

But when it comes to confrontation with the outside environment, it behaves like paper-like clothes. )

Here are seven of the most time-tested men’s coats that no one should lack.

Find out.


A double-breasted coat is the kind of coat that allows men to quietly become more fashionable without fanfare.

Everyone from Hollywood stars to ordinary people can dress successfully, and this style is suitable for everyone, which is why it spread around the world as quickly as a virus when it first appeared in the 19th century.

The recipe for its enduring success, like most classic menswear, applies to every occasion: it looks great with a suit, like the successful business man in Mad Men, and a cashmere scarf.

Or opt for a weekend of relaxation, wear it with jeans and turtlenecks, or even pair it with some sweatpants.


The wax jacket has become synonymous with the best British style, which can be happily worn by country aristocrats, city dwellers, your relatives and friends, and the success of this style is due to its own being a practical coat.

The coating ensures that raindrops don’t get wet, making it versatile and tough enough to wear with knitwear in the wild, city wear, and suit underneath commuting.

This humble style is perfect for everything from wool pants to denim, knitwear to casual shirts, so whether you want a gentleman’s look or casual streetwear, there’s an item that will accompany you through a lifetime and you’ll recognize its treasures as you age.


Burberry’s waterproof trench coat was originally designed to withstand rainy weather during World War I, and hundreds of details ensure combat performance

Even hanging and carrying can cope with the battlefield of life and death transients, and later became an iconic style of clothing after the “interpretation” of Hollywood stars.

Common shades like navy and black are the most versatile, but a classic beige or modern khaki green stormcoat will bring a different color to your wardrobe, whichever color you choose, cover everything from suits to denim.


Every man who is no longer a teenager needs a camel coat.


It’s both formal enough and capable of making the slopiest appearance pretty.

Another thing is that you won’t let your wardrobe fall into the black tide every winter.

Another reason camel coats are so popular is that they are suitable for people of any skin color, and can be paired with brighter colors to pair with your winter knitwear and jeans, making it a highlight for casual wear.


Originally used in military and expeditions, the tweed coat has now become a staple of menswear and one of the styles that has hardly changed since its birth.

Well, how did it go from war equipment to street equipment?

This tweed coat was a huge hit in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, and thanks to the large number of favors of artists and students, the availability of cheap retired military coats allowed it to surge in fans and become an instant classic.

In fact, when you’re off work, a tweed coat is also easy to wear, and sometimes it goes well with a suit, as well as a chunky wool-collar jumper, tweed trousers, platform boots, and a checked scarf

With a clean look, winter looks have never been so stylish.


The parkas may have fallen back from the heyday of the British pop, but it never really went away.

Here’s why: Few other winter coats make you feel completely protected from the weather.

Whether you choose a fishtail long style or a down lining (Canada Goose is the style of a parka), its traditional double zip and button closure will help you survive the winter outdoors.

Almost any man can wear it and create their own style according to the clothes to match it, from sweatpants to business trousers, try wearing one over your suit, and switch from warm to professional in different categories.


A tartan or tweed coat may not sound like your favorite outfit, but you might be surprised if you dare to give it a try.

While these traditional wool coats can feel stale at first, designers are returning them to classic coats with a variety of modern cuts.

Solid black or navy is a more reliable option, and if you don’t like thick checks, try smaller ones

Herringbone or canine pattern, with a bit of retro feel.

No matter which one you choose, you won’t be short of clothes to match it. Jeans and wool pants are the most common choices, and since sportswear is a recent trend, try slipping this more classic coat over a hoodie for a more stylish look, or pair it with sweatpants for a luxurious sporty effect.

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