On the afternoon of January 26, actress Xu Dongdong posted four photos of herself playing billiards on social platforms, with the caption: “Retouched the picture, otherwise it’s too fat.”

In the photo, Xu Dongdong is holding a red billiard ball in her left hand and a billiard cue in her right hand, and she is wearing a loose floral skirt, but it is difficult to hide her thick waist. Xu Dongdong wore long hair and only applied lipstick, obviously appeared without makeup, her cheeks were sunken, and her complexion was slightly bad.

Netizens ridiculed: “How did Sister Dongdong become fat, and her waist was not so thick before, didn’t the devil figure maintain?” “Xu Dongdong’s upper circumference is really proud, but you must also pay attention to body management, otherwise the personality will be broken.” But some netizens praised Xu Dongdong: “It’s good to be yourself, you are the most beautiful no matter what.”

Xu Dongdong was born in 1990 and is 30 years old this year. In 2016, she starred in the suspense online drama “Residual Sin”, in which she played the woman who is the boss of the underworld. In the play, she has repeatedly played with Zhang Yishan, who plays “Yu Sin”, and netizens praised her as an actress with both acting skills and good looks.

Because of her figure, Xu Dongdong is often labeled as a sexy goddess by netizens, and she does not shy away from using her advantages to the extreme. In fact, Xu Dongdong once responded to the body controversy, saying that it was her way of making a living, and she never regretted making such a choice at that time.

Xu Dongdong has also been exporting works, and her new film “Return from Unloading” with veteran actor Lu Liangwei was recently finalized, and the two will play a couple in the film.

Xu Dongdong has made a lot of efforts from an unknown little transparent to a sexy goddess loved by many people today, and she deserves the love of more people!

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