For many women, they like the flowing elegance brought by skirts, but they prefer the free-spirited neatness of pants. Pants have no less charm than a swaying skirt, they can be free, sexy or handsome, and every season changes, they are always obsessed with buying a few popular styles.

So today, I will recommend this year’s popular pants, although it looks simple, but in fact, choose the right style and matching, but it is quite tall and thin, especially for girls who are small or have not slender legs enough, can be well controlled, let’s take a look:

Choose these 4 pairs of pants for spring wear

1. Cropped straight-leg jeans

The most classic of the pants is the Danny pants. Jeans have been popular so far, and there are various shapes and styles, but the most suitable for small or slightly fat girls are cropped straight jeans. The nine-point length just shows the ankle, which is clean and refreshing, and has the effect of “weight loss” for the whole. Straight pants have a visual enhancement effect and can also modify imperfect leg shapes. but

If there are girls with fake crotch width or fleshy buttocks, it is not very recommended to choose this fit.

Compared to traditional straight-leg pants, jeans are popular this year

Tear edges

。 The raw edge design of the torn jeans gives a casual street feel, which is more relaxed, and the upper body is more sassy. Simple but with care, it can add a sense of fashion to the outfit. Pay attention when wearing, more

It is recommended to choose a simple upper body or a simple overall color scheme to better create visual focus

In addition to tearing edges, there is another feature

Slit design

。 The slit should be familiar to us, and the slit at the cuff will be more imposing and more fashionable. Generally speaking

The front split pants will be more flattering to the calf, and the side slits will look more chic

。 For straight-leg pants, a side slit is more appropriate.

2. Tapered daddy pants

The first feeling of daddy’s pants is loose, big, and loose on the body. But such a fit is not so friendly for small or slightly fat girls, and the loose fit will look more sloppy and short.

In contrast,

Tapered daddy pants

, it will be much more friendly. The inverted triangle design decorates the crotch line well, and the upper and lower tightened fit can maximize the shape of the legs while showing the curve of the body.

What makes it slightly different from tapered pants is it

Thigh part

。 The original style of daddy pants is retained, and the tapered pants are more than traditional tapered pants at the thighs


, leave room for the legs, there will be no urgency in wearing. And because the loose fit is more casual, the overall dress style will be weaker.

Light yellow tapered daddy pants and gray sweater with casual fashion, gray and white contrast sweater warm and sticky, light yellow gives people a relaxed and pleasant feeling, light color, peace and comfort.

3. Trendy cargo pants


The reason why it can set off a heat wave in the fashion circle, with it

Design & Style

There are a lot of big relationships. With the change of fashion trends, the rise of genderless style, feminine style and other styles, our style of dress is no longer single and narrow.

From feminine and obvious intellectual style, sexy style, to more and more people are more inclined to show their individuality and break through their own girly style. The popularity of cargo pants is the best example of this view.

Cargo pants with full personality, wearing the upper body looks A and sassy. On collocation, select Comparison


, such as solid color T-shirts, printed sweatshirts, Martin boots, sneakers, etc., match the style of cargo pants, and can bring out the beauty of cargo pants.

In the choice of cargo pants, it is recommended to choose comparison

Basic style

, for example, corset cargo pants, wide-mouth cargo pants are the most popular and easy to wear fit, for small people, corset cargo pants will not crush the figure.

The cuff is naturally downward

Wide-mouth cargo pants

, a bit similar to the shape of straight pants, but looser than straight pants, this pants type is very friendly to girls with pear-shaped bodies, and slightly rolled up the cuffs to expose the ankles can also add a little femininity. Wear it with a cropped top and sneakers.

4. Suit wide-leg pants

Suit wide-leg pants are loved by many women, combining competence and formality, and will not seem incompatible as a daily workplace outfit. Instead, it has a calm and dignified feeling, showing a big feminine style.

Suit wide-leg pants have an excellent sense of drape and have a strong effect on the shape of the legs, but you also need to pay attention to two points in the selection:

First, avoid leniency, and second, avoid being too long.

Low-waisted loose, long mopping such pants should be chosen carefully, in addition, many small girls first choose high waist, but high waist also has a minefield, high-waist pants are easy to expose the flesh of the waist and buttocks.

Mid-rise, nine points in length or covering the foot

The wide-leg pants would be more suitable.

For suit wide-leg pants this year more popular is


。 The way to bind the feet adds a touch of chic to the wide wide-leg pants, which have a more retro flavor and turn the originally loose pants into pipe pants, which become the finishing touch of the whole body.

The loose suit pants themselves have a slimming effect, and the design of the bound feet also has a high effect, which can not only lengthen the proportions, but also make the pants more stylish.

Well, about the four kinds of pants that small people wear thin and tall are shared here in this issue, if you still have confusion about fashion, dressing and other aspects, welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~

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