Today, I will introduce you to a few Warcraft novels, and those who like to play Warcraft can take a look.

1 “Warcraft Sword Saint Otherworld” Author: Celestial Silkworm Potato

Introduction: Sword Saint inheritance, anti-heaven skills, across the otherworld. “Rogue stealth?” “That’s not okay, in front of the wind, you don’t even have to eat dust.” “Magic mirror?” “Can that kill? No? Then you still say a fart ah, the mirror image of the god is at an advanced level, and even the Buddha-figure can’t be beaten. “Shrimp? You say you have a vindictive crit? “How many times more power can it be increased?” No? “The fatal blow of Li broke everything under the world.” “You said you had a forbidden spell?” “My blade storm doesn’t even dare to use myself, it’s too shocking to use”

If you haven’t seen it, you can take a look, that is, wear it with sword saint skills, the heroes in Warcraft are also written, a good one, old bookworms basically choose to read the catalog and then look at the front,

2 “Warcraft True Three God-level Creeps”. Author: Last night was leisurely

Introduction: If one day, you wake up and find yourself lying next to a clear spring.

The name of the spring is the fountain of life.

At this time, a white light flashed, and a figure that you were extremely familiar with appeared…

On his back was two crossed knives, especially the bow and arrow pinned to his waist.

You cry out in a lost voice, “Ma Dai? The fountain of life… This is Warcraft True Three Kingdoms Matchless 3.9D?”

At this time, Ma Dai saw you and said in amazement: “Huh? How did this little soldier brush the hot spring?

Those who have played Warcraft should know the true three, read the introduction to know that the protagonist wears the real three game, the whole book is also written a novel, and those who have played the battle should also understand, not the kind of set of games written and written crooked. Personally it is still more recommended

3. “Warcraft Lord” by Gao Po

Introduction: After accidentally getting a witch tower dug up from the ancient tomb of the 10,000-year-old Miaojiang, Yang Ling crossed into the other world. Others can only summon one or two Warcraft , but with his mysterious and powerful sorcery, he can domesticate thousands of Warcraft and form a huge Warcraft Legion, which is mistaken for an ancient summoner… When it’s okay, go out hunting. What is a dragon, absorb its power, refine its soul, and behave like a dog. When you have no money, buy a few Warcraft crystal nuclei. What is the king, you still have to call the boss when you meet.

When this book was first written, it was also Warcraft, that is, it was written and written crookedly after it became a witch, but it did not affect the reading, and the writing was more certain,

4. “Warcraft Skills in the Otherworld” Author: Purple as frost

Introduction: Qin Tian enabled the plug-in during the DOTA, and was killed by the resurrected axe king to the other world, and was reborn in a world where martial arts are rampant! See how the protagonist with Dota skills traverses the otherworld! Void Kamen: Time Enchantment— control the power of time and space, so that everything within 100 meters is completely still, and users can act freely with the mysterious connection with the enchantment.

Looking at the introduction, you can know that this is wearing with Warcraft hero skills, and this is also an old book, but it is a pity that it is a eunuch

Well, this issue is introduced here, these four are old books before, all three are complete, the book shortage can be found to see if it is unappetizing, attention, like, collection, convenient to find again, the next issue will be recommended to you, some different types of books,

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