European fabric sofa is a very beautiful and generous sofa style, fabric sofa is a very comfortable sofa type, the combination of these two is very good, the following article mainly introduces the structural characteristics and decorative style of fabric sofa, as well as the design of fabric sofa, style and matching effect and other knowledge to introduce to.

【Fabric sofa picture collection】European fabric sofa pictures and prices Fabric corner sofa pictures

Fabric corner sofa picture

Different styles of fabric corner sofas make your living room more beautiful, and can also make the upcoming cold winter no longer feel bleak. Please follow the editor to enjoy these beautiful corner sofa pictures.

This fresh Korean pastoral style corner fabric sofa blows a sweet rural atmosphere for your home life, making your life closer to nature. The sofa is made of broken flowers to decorate the fabric, giving people a vivid and vibrant feeling, allowing people to enjoy the touch of life at any time in home life.

Korean-style furniture has an almost paranoid love for broken flowers, and this fabric corner sofa is no exception. The sofa style is fresh and exudes a unique Korean refreshing atmosphere, creating a more pure and relaxing atmosphere for your life. The fabric color is fresh and elegant, and the overall style is natural, which makes people unconsciously relax and make life more moody.

Compared with Korean style, Mediterranean-style sofas are more clean and simple in color. This Mediterranean-style corner sofa is designed in blue and white colors, making people feel as pure as blue sky and white clouds. It gives people a feeling of relaxation.

The design of the corners combined with the color matching of the stripes will always produce a different effect. This fabric corner sofa is an example, the décor lines on the sofa are full and smooth, giving people a strong sense of vision, fully considering ergonomics when designing, in line with the fashion characteristics of personality, better meet the requirements of use.

How much is a European fabric sofa

1. In various types of sofas, European-style fabric sofas have always occupied a large market, but this fabric sofa is very solid when it is just bought, but after a few years, due to the long-term squeeze of the sponge to lose the sense of fluffiness, there will be a collapse in the middle of the sofa, whether it is sitting or looking is not comfortable. Then the price of this kind of fabric sofa is relatively low, with an average market price ranging from 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

2. In addition, European-style fabric sofas are mostly filled with feathers and latex cotton (latex particles mixed with sponge). This kind of sofa shape is relatively soft, soft to the touch, whether latex particles or feathers are elastic, so it can quickly recover elasticity after extrusion, but the price is higher, generally such a three-seater sofa price between 8,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

Advantages of European fabric sofa

1. Replace the sofa cover of the fabric sofa. When buying a European-style fabric sofa, you can add two or more sets of sofa covers, different styles, different materials, and different decors, in case your living room can change the charm color at any time!

2. Easy to clean. More sofa covers can be replaced, easier to clean, put in the washing machine, and half an hour later, give you a new sofa style!

3. Comfortable sitting feeling and strong breathability. The soft fabric gives you a comfortable feel, making it easier for you to feel the comfort of leisure!

4. Safe, low-carbon and environmentally friendly! Handmade fabrics, solid wood frames, high-density sponges, give you a warm and environmentally friendly home life!

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