In “OVERLORD”, the protagonist guild Nazalik Great Tomb has built up a terrifying top combat power by years of accumulation, and it has been invincible in online games, and after the game passes through the otherworld, Nazalik’s top combat power “guardians” are in sharp contrast to the poor combat effectiveness of the indigenous population, making the guardians who have reached level 100 seem unfathomable.

It is actually not easy to pick the strongest five-person group among the strong Nazalik, because there are too many strong people in Nazalik! There are about ten characters at the full level alone, and each guardian has its own particularly good direction on the basis of various all-rounds, and there are even many characters who have not yet shown their full strength. Therefore, the following will synthesize the performance and setting of the current guardians in the existing plot, and take stock of the five strongest Nazalik combat powers.

Fifth: Mare Bello Fiore

As the younger brother of the twin guardians of the Nasalik dark elves, he is also a variety of spell professions such as priests and mages, and is also a top NPC character with a level of 100 full, especially good at manipulating the magic of nature and plants, with a very wide attack range and an artifact-level staff-the shadow of the world tree, and his personal combat power among all guardians is second only to the vampire True Ancestor Shatia, and he is also the strongest mage in Nazalik.

Fourth place: Yalbed

As the heroine with the most scenes in the anime, the little devil Jaer Bede is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people as Ainz’s fanatical admirer. As the first female character to appear in the whole drama and the actual executive director of the Nazalik Guild, Yalbed also has great strength in the setting, Yalbed has a world-class prop given by the creator – Hell Abyss, and is equipped with artifact-level armor – Hermes Tris Megists, one of the strongest NPCs in Nazalik’s melee combat, and also the strongest shield of Nazalik.

Third place: Shatija

As the true ancestor of the vampire, Shatia is the guardian with the strongest comprehensive ability in the setting, and is also one of the few guardians who has shown full strength in the anime. In the plot, because of the world-class props of hostile forces, he became a neutral wild monster hostile to Nazalik, forcing the Bone King to personally fight, and when the Bone King knew the bottom of Shatia’s ability, he still forced the Bone King to use a lot of resources and spells to take it hard, which can be said to be the best proof of strength.

Second place: Ainz

As the protagonist of “OVERLORD”, Ainz’s strength in Nazalik is undoubted, and a large number of world-class props, top equipment, krypton gold props and a variety of super-position magic accumulated over the years make Ainz an incomparable strong person in the world after traversing, although in terms of absolute strength, Ainz has no essential difference with Nazalik’s other 100-level guardians, but the use of various props and super high combat IQ allow Ainz to defeat any opponent.

First place: Lubedo

Nazalik’s real strongest unit, Yalbed’s sister, is the strongest NPC born by breaking through the limitations of the system that creates NPCs by approximating bugs, and its power is not only far superior to all NPCs, but even the top player class “World Champion” cannot defeat it in the game era. Currently staying on the eighth floor of Nazalik, even Ainz did not dare to let her out. At present, whether it is animation or novel illustration, there has been no image of Lubedo.

THAT’S THE STRONGEST FIVE-MAN IN OVERLORD. In fact, in the otherworld after crossing, there is no opponent who really needs Nazalik to exert his full strength, and in the original online game setting, the bone king is actually not the top combat power among the player characters, but a resourceful character who relies on superb strategic planning and intelligence collection, which is also the reason why Bone Aotian has been “fighting wits with the air” for a long time after crossing the otherworld.

Watching Ainz abuse dishes in the other world of “OVERLORD” for so long, it is inevitable that there is some aesthetic fatigue, if Ainz crosses into other other other worlds, can he still be invincible with Nazalik’s combat power?

In the latest linkage version of the “Fantasy Sim Battle” mobile game on July 23, the bone king Ainz you Gong will cross the dimension of two guardians, Jiar’er Beide and Shatia, and descend to the world of Dream War, showing the supreme power of Nazalik’s strongest combat power under the rules of the game.

All three will appear in the card pool as the game’s SSR characters, but the bone king and the two NPCs as villains in the original setting, the linkage characters of Dream Battle in the past are the protagonists in a positive sense, what kind of plot will appear this time the opposite? Could it be that the linkage plot will eventually go to fight the three of the Bone King together? But think about the plot of this protagonist group to recruit the strongest villain, and let’s look forward to the linkage plot of “Fantasy Simulation Battle” on July 23!

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