From now on, it will be difficult to take the wrong medicine.

I have previously shared with you the indispensable goodies in the family medicine box. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and everyone must have prepared a lot of anti-heat and anti-bite drugs for this summer. At this time, should we prepare a small medicine box to store the messy medicine?

A must-have medicine box for the family

Small stature and large capacity

The inside of this medicine box is well divided, large drugs can be placed in large compartments, small objects can be erected and placed, and there is also a small compartment that can be freely drawn for individual use, and there is a small drawer at the bottom.

Its layout is very reasonable, suitable for the storage of various specifications of medicines. Designed with handle, it is very easy to carry.

Japan | Large medical kit

Reference price: ¥117

Rugged big guy

This large tin medicine box can hold a lot of medicines, and large liquid bottles are not a problem. With its own safety lock, it can effectively protect the medicine, and also avoid children from opening the medicine box at will, which improves the safety.

Multi-layer pill box drug | Storage box

Reference price: ¥99

Lightweight and convenient treasure chest

Double-layer design, the upper layer is a multi-grid shallow disc design, which is convenient for placing boxed medicines, long medical scissors and gauze; The lower layer is deeper and can hold bottled medicines, larger boxes of drugs, medical alcohol, etc.

Both sides of the medicine box are equipped with sealing buckles, which are firm, sealed, dustproof and moisture-proof, and protect the drugs from damage during the shelf life of storage.

Japan Fasola | Home medicine kit

Reference price: ¥59

At first glance, I thought it was a refrigerator

The special feature of this medicine box is that it has screws on the back and can be hung on the wall. According to your own needs, it can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., saving a lot of space.

The small compartment in the medicine box can be adjusted freely, and the design of the direct door makes it very convenient to get medicines. With a safety lock, you no longer have to worry about your baby touching medicines.

Aluminum alloy | Household medicine kits

Reference price: ¥223

Small pill boxes for dispensing medicines

The medicine box at home will store some emergency medicines, of course, not only to store drugs, nowadays everyone is paying more and more attention to health, a variety of vitamins, spirulina and other bottles and cans are also many. Instead of piling them up in the mess at home, divide them up and put them in small pill boxes.

Little announcer

When I get busy in life, I always forget to take medicine. This small pill box can store and identify the different medicines taken every day, and the 7-compartment design is exactly one week. Each compartment holds 8 capsules or 16 tablets. 5 sets of alarms can be set at the same time with a memory function. Powerful magnet adsorption box for convenient storage of drugs.

Japan | Smart timing pill box

Reference price: ¥25

If you can’t swallow the medicine, you don’t have to worry anymore

Worried that the tablets are too big to swallow, that they won’t be clean by hand, that it’s not safe to cut with a knife? With these troubled babies, your troubles can be solved. This small pill box not only stores the tablets, but also chops them all. A tiny one, a mini cute.

Japan | Dispenser pill box

Reference price: ¥19

A body the size of a gum box

Lightweight small pill box with damping buckle in each compartment, very convenient to pour out tablets. Three compartments for storing tablets three times a day. Comes with an elastic clip, convenient to pin on the body, this time you will definitely not forget to take medicine.

Portable mini | Seal the small medicine box

Reference price: ¥68

Just drinking medicine without drinking water is not enough

Sometimes you find that the pills have been in your mouth, but the water is not ready, do you have to swallow it dryly? It’s better to just let the small pill box and the water cup be inseparable. The water cup comes with a small 7-day serving box, which is very convenient for use on the go or at home.

Seven days | Portable pill box

Reference price: ¥188

A cool little pill box

The stainless steel material, diamond-like shape, and silver-gray color add a sense of quality to this small pillbox. Its designer, Frank Kerdil of Denmark, aspires to make even the smallest things around him different.

Denmark PO | Diamond pill box

Reference price: ¥249

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Little couples, little couples, give you a benefit. Life is inevitable, prepare some emergency medical supplies, and putting them at home will be a smart choice.

I recommend the medicine boxes and small medicine boxes that are necessary for everyone, and now you finally don’t have to face the mess of bottles and jars. Placing them in categories is very pleasant to look at yourself.

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