Since Deng Lun joined the variety show “Extreme Challenge” as a new member, Deng Lun’s sense of variety has been fully discovered, and his performance in the show has been affirmed and loved by many audiences, and recently the seventh season of the series was broadcast, which also won the attention and love of many netizens, and Deng Lun’s performance was praised as always.

Because “Extreme Challenge” is a reality show recorded outdoors, the film crew and the MC group will go to various cities to record, so the chance of being met by passers-by will also increase greatly, and a few days ago the program team came to Hainan for the latest program recording, since the summer came to Hainan, of course, there will inevitably be water and beach games, it is reported that the program team came to the beach this time to shoot, there are many Reuters photos taken by passers-by on the Internet, and Deng Lun’s Reuters photos have caused a lot of heated discussion!

Judging from the Reuters photos uploaded by netizens, Deng Lun followed the program group to shoot at the beach, since he came to the beach, naturally he had to go into the sea to play in the water, Deng Lun appeared in a black short-sleeved swimsuit, wearing long-sleeved gloves because of sun protection, he put on a life jacket with the help of the staff, even in this case, you can still see that Deng Lun’s figure is very good.

After putting on a life jacket, Deng Lun went to the sea with other MC team members to participate in the game, Deng Lun tried a lot of marine sports equipment, it can be seen that he has a lot of fun, his smile is very bright, just like a child, the staff at the scene was also infected by his smile.

Because it is filmed outdoors on the beach, there are other tourists on the scene, so the filming of this show is a lot of Reuters, and there are also tourists on the scene to ask for a group photo, it is reported that generally when the program is filmed, the staff is not allowed to ask for a photo with the stars, but because there is a little boy among the tourists who happened to have his birthday that day, so the little boy went to Deng Lun to hug, but I didn’t expect Deng Lun to agree.

Deng Lun picked up the little boy and took a photo with the little boy, it can be seen that the little boy is also very happy, after seeing the Reuters photo of Deng Lun holding the little boy, many netizens said that they were very envious of the little boy, and some netizens also said that seeing Deng Lun’s interaction with the little boy made people dream back to his participation in “Where Did Daddy Go 5” period.

At the beginning, Deng Lun participated in the recording of “Where Did Daddy Go 5” as an “intern daddy”, and got along very well with a little girl he took in the show, and he treated his “daughter” very gently during his internship father, and many netizens at that time said they hoped to have a father like him, which made Deng Lun win the favor of many netizens.

And this time in the seaside of Hainan with the tourist little boy, it can also be seen that Deng Lun really likes children, the interaction with children does not show that he has impatience on his face, and looks gentle, after picking up the little boy, but also playing with the little boy, this move is really too plus, his interaction with the little boy has won him the goodwill of more netizens!

Deng Lun and the “Extreme Challenge” program team recorded Reuters photos on the beach have received a lot of attention and discussion on the Internet, many netizens praised Deng Lun handsome, and under the sun, his skin appears very white, many netizens are envious of him so white, white and handsome and tall, and he is still wearing a swimsuit that shows his figure, and at the same time at the beach, it is really too “boyfriend Fan”, making people look forward to the broadcast of this program!

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