Material: 24/2 fine yarn, 4 braids. It is a 13- and 14-gauge needle.

Front piece: up from 111 stitches, knitting according to the pattern, 6 patterns are knitted, start to collect needles, leave 79 stitches, continue to knit 14 rows of flat needles, start to close 4 stitches, in 1-1-2, 2-1-3 a total of 9 stitches on each side, continue the flat needle, count from the waist to 36 rows, start digging the neckline, leave 11 stitches in the middle of the collar, close 1-1-8 on both sides, 2-1-3, and close 68 lines of flat needles up to the flat needle.

Back piece: the front is knitted like the front piece, the flat knit is knitted to 42 rows, the film is opened, the middle 5 stitches back and forth needles, 12 back and forth digging back collars, usually 15 stitches, 1-1-4, leaving 14 stitches and the front piece stitched.

Collar: Knit left and right separately, up 43 stitches, knit single osmanthus, after knitting 22 rows, 2-1-3 on both sides, you can, the other collar is the same, and finally hook a circle of lace to the collar.

Sleeve: Pick 81 stitches, knit 3 back and forth needles, and continue to hook a circle of dog teeth.

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