The weather is getting warmer, everyone should be selling spring clothes one after another, so are the pajamas ready for spring and summer? Whether you buy it or not, today’s collection has definitely earned, and there are nine stores prepared for everyone, which are both comfortable and good-looking!

Mrs. Sli’s flagship store

The overall texture and comfort of his pajamas are very good, there are many styles, and the materials are also varied, I like to wear pure cotton materials, after starting, I really feel very comfortable, many fashion bloggers have also recommended, couples are also very good-looking~


A comfortable and high-value pajamas are also indispensable to enhance happiness~ Gukoo’s pajamas are girly, and sisters full of girlish hearts can start~

Not Just Pajama

Not Just Pajama is a London brand, the style is simple French style, has a unique and casual sense of fashion, this pajama style is practical and fashionable, comfortable and decent, is definitely a universal pajamas, the material of the pajamas is almost mulberry silk fabric, and are handmade ~

Miss Lowe Home

At home, you should also dress beautifully, comfortably, Miss Luo’s pajamas are cute cartoon style, and the AB version of the top and pants has different patterns of the same color~


Tongyujia’s clothes to home clothing as the carrier, integrated into the aesthetic design concept, product style to simple, elegant, generous and retro, before to buy a pure cotton texture pajamas, soft and sticky, washed will not be dehydrated, the cost performance is good~

Dusty flagship store

A store I like very much, his nightdress is super girly, fresh and vulgar to wear, the fabric is also very soft, the drape is also good, I bought a square neck puff sleeve long skirt before, there is a little French little princess cute, sisters must not miss ~


The pajamas of the Fauvist family are very feminine, pay attention to the feel of the fabric, and many silk pajamas are super textured, which is very suitable for tasteful women~

Little cute pajama image store

His pajamas are the Korean version of cute style, especially homely, mainly special affordability, suitable for student parties, essential at home~

Gelatopique flagship store

Gelatopique’s Italian means “ice cream”, is Sindel’s sub-line brand, the loungewear inside is super soft and cute, mainly light colors, furry material, wear it will not feel embarrassing, velvet socks are also good~

In addition to the high appearance of the above stores, the quality is also worthy of recognition, sisters, which one do you like?

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