Light, but spacious; Light, but strong; Light, but comfortable.

Double tent

Zpacks Duplex is the most common ultralight three-season tent on North American hiking trails. The double-pole single-storey ridge type, the roof and basin use .51oz/yd² and 1.0oz/yd² Hermel blend, respectively, ultra-light, strong and waterproof. Built, storage are very simple, easy to enter and exit, ventilation and breathability, no wonder it has won many awards, 539g (including wind rope, rope lock and storage bag), expensive but worth it.

Zpacks Duplex

The domestic outdoor tent Three Peaks Blue Mountain double model can be seen as a nylon version of Zpacks Duplex. Excluding the ground nails about 1100g, it is almost twice the weight of Duplex, and the internal space is much smaller than that of Duplex (length 210cm vs. 230cm, width 110cm vs. 114cm). The advantage is that the two-layer structure, independent inner and outer wing, the price is of course much cheaper.

Three Peaks Blue Mountain 2

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II is also a famous double poleless tent, which chooses thicker 0.8oz/yd² and 1.3oz/yd² crude benzene fabrics than the Duplex’s roof and basin, and adopts a split double-layer structure to reduce the impact of moisture regression. However, it is also heavier, 823g, and the price is also higher.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II

Single tent

The Zpacks Solplex, a single tent in the same series as Duplex, weighs 411g and is 128g lighter.

Zpacks Solplex

Plexamid is a one-man tent developed by Zpacks in 2018 for taller (over 1.85) donkey friends. The single-bar support is more like a pyramid, so it is called Plexamid. The inner tent occupies a larger area than Solplex, claims 1.5 people, and has enough room to litter your own equipment, 420g.

Zpacks Plexamid

The design of the three-peak firmament single tent absorbs the characteristics of Solplex and improves it, adding a tail aluminum rod to widen the bottom of the tent, but the fabric is still nylon, even if it does not count the nails and floor cloth, it weighs about 650g.

Three peaks firmament


Compared to a single tent, the double tent has an extra “bed”, which is much more practical than a single tent, but does not double the weight. So highly recommend Zpacks Duplex. However, Duplex’s blue (Olive) or green (Spruce) fabric has higher transparency, and friends who have privacy requirements can choose Camo (Camo), and the crude benzene material is upgraded to .67oz/yd², weighing 28g to 567g more.

Zpacks Duplex (camo)

Single tents are poorly ventilated, and weight-sensitive travelers have a more flexible option: canopy with mosquito nets (similar to Echo II). Mountain Laurel Design’s Serenity Single Mosquito Net, optional .75oz/yd² crude benzene fabric, weighing 227g. Add a Zpacks 8.5’×10′ canopy, 181g, with a total weight of 408g, similar to Zpacks’ single tent; not only ventilation and ventilation solve condensation, the canopy and mosquito net can also be used separately, and look up at the starry sky through the mosquito net on a summer night.

MLD Serenity canopy + mosquito net

MLD Serenity mosquito net

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