Summer new rhinestone sandals

Diamond-set stylish and versatile slippers with a mature feminine charm! The unique style design shows the leg length and noble temperament.

Crystal fancy diamonds fish mouth large slippers

The block heel slippers highlight your extraordinary fashion taste, the wearer is properly safe and stable, simple but not simple, can be versatile with any of your clothing.

Summer rhinestone leather sandals

Middle-aged and elderly wedge non-slip sandals, with breathable effect, will not feel very stuffy, look very transparent, worth buying.

Summer new rhinestone open-toe sandals

Diamond-encrusted fashion crystal high heels are visually very transparent, showing the fair skin of the legs, creating a unique visual sense, making your legs more slender and showing a charming and good temperament.

New summer stiletto heeled diamond-set flip-flops

Fashion crystal high heels, rhinestone flip-flops, beautiful tones can also attract everyone’s attention, set off your fair skin, like flowers blooming, beautiful!

Summer rhinestone transparent slippers

The versatile rhinestone flip-flop with a transparent crystal design can make your feet have a variety of styles after putting on your feet, and you can attract everyone’s attention at a glance.

Summer leather rhinestone butterfly fish mouth shoes

The comfortable waterproof platform design creates a unique visual sense, and the foot feeling is superficial, whether you are shopping or going to work, you will not feel tired feet.

New crystal-encrusted sandals

Stylish high-heeled rhinestone sandals, very beautiful and shiny, integrated with transparent crystal block heels, can define your leg shape and make you look very tall.

New rhinestone fashion slippers

The waterproof platform fishmouth block heel women’s shoes allow you to show all kinds of style between your feet, and the rhinestone design on the foot surface shows the fashion sense of the legs, which can attract people’s eyes at a glance.

Summer rhinestones are heeled with flip-flops

Breathable fashion block heeled middle-aged women’s shoes, faintly showing the whiteness of the feet, which brings you a sense of aura, and there is more elegance and confidence between walking.

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