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To say that tranquility is definitely a rare recognizable beauty, and it is not an exaggeration to say that tranquility in youth is comparable to dolls.

With fair skin and big eyes with a bright god, and slightly curly short hair with tenderness and beauty, she is domineering, elegant and outstanding under the lens, and she releases a classical oriental charm.

As Venus said, tranquility is beautiful, and this beauty cannot be replicated.

Serenity, who is 49 years old this year, her skin is still delicate and moist, painted with European and American makeup, and her facial features are delicate and three-dimensional. Curly eyelashes and shiny eye makeup add an exotic touch to her complexion.

From this detail, the quiet maintenance is really good, her face actually can’t see too many years of crawling marks ~ between the eyebrows is still delicate and the eye skin is very firm.

In addition to the quiet good skin is amazing, her character is also very fan, for the actress is very avoidant of “injection” and “plastic surgery” problems, she directly exposed her medical beauty experience in the beauty program, saying that she had nine hundred injections abroad.

It was also a variety show before directly posting his dressing table, which can be called a local tyrant!

There are no less than 15 beauty devices alone, ranging from more than 10,000 to small hundreds, which can be compared to a small beauty salon.

Looking at the comparison of Serenity’s photos 10 years ago and now, time does not seem to have left the slightest mark on her body at all, and I have to say how important maintenance is for a woman.

Asked by fans about skin care experience, Serenity generously shared his own

Massage method

, that is, hand massage combined with beauty device, can not only improve facial blood circulation, but also greatly improve the absorption effect of essence and skin care products.

I have to say that female celebrities really love beauty devices! Zhang Yuqi has sunbathed her own beauty device, almost more than 10,000, worthy of being a trench sister who does not buy broken diamonds!

Compared with Zhang Yuqi, Zhang Shaohan’s is much more affordable, but more than 2,000 yuan, which is enough for the public office workers to struggle for more than half a month without eating or drinking.

And an affordable beauty device of the same type of beauty device in the tranquil dresser was picked up by me, and even Li Jiaqi also recommended this in the live broadcast room, saying that ordinary people can also afford it.

Huang Shengyi and Xiong Dailin also recommended this beauty device with fans when they participated in the show.

Little Hua Dan Zhao Lusi also told fans many times about its effects, saying that when used with eye cream, eye cream can be absorbed faster and better.

What’s so amazing about beauty devices?

Because our skin has pores and the surface is uneven, when cleaning, the dirty things sunken in the gaps of the skin are not easy to be thoroughly cleaned, and over time, the skin condition deteriorates. And skin care products are not easily absorbed by the skin.

Using a beauty device, the dirt attached to the surface of the skin is broken by microcurrent vibration, and the dirt is separated from the skin through the adsorption force of the device.

After normal cleansing,

With the cleanser, you can continue to clean up a lot of garbage residue.

The beauty device also has an introduction function, after cleaning the skin, through the action of microcurrent, the serum, toner, cream and other nutrients are forced into the skin.

Usually, we feel that we have removed the face cleanly, and we can still find a lot of residual makeup and dirt hidden in the pores with the beauty device.

In the same way, many of the essences left over from our usual mask are difficult to be thoroughly absorbed and washed off, but with this beauty device, most of the essence of the mask is absorbed, and the application time can be reduced.

The blue light mode inside can speed up the work of the skin’s anti-inflammatory and bactericidal system when it penetrates the stratum corneum, and it can quickly reduce inflammation and promote the skin’s metabolism.

My girlfriend’s acne skin was massaged with blue light for a week, and the acne on the cheeks was obviously lightened, and the acne marks disappeared a lot.

After using it for a while, the pores become clean, blackheads, acne and acne rarely grow, and the skin feels a lot more delicate and smooth.

With this beauty device, skin care products can exert maximum effect, want to have good skin like stars, sisters, what are you waiting for? Rush!

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