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The north has cooled down these days, if you can warm yourself at any time? In addition to wearing more, some well-designed products can also make you feel warm. I recommend a few such products today:

Heated coasters Warmth is always around

Cooled down, make a cup of tea because of busy work, soon the tea will be cold. Don’t be afraid, with this USB heated coaster, you can drink warm tea at any time. This heated coaster is very small and does not pick a cup, as long as it is a glass or porcelain cup can be used for heating.

At the same time, this product does not consume electricity, and the energy consumption of 20W is still very low. At the same time, this product also has the function of 8-hour automatic power off, which is very safe. It not only heats tea, but also liquids such as milk, keeping you warm at all times.

If you are on the bus, don’t miss this artifact

The cooling has been too much these days. It was also cold to wait at the station. At this time, having a warm baby is happy. Although this is not high-tech, it can be a good way to improve happiness. At present, you can buy IMVE hand warmer for only 116 yuan, a mobile baby warmer that can be charged.

IMVE hand warmer has a 10,000 mAh battery, which can be used for a long time on a single charge, and it also has the function of temperature display, two-level adjustment, fast charging, which can be a good way for you to find the temperature that suits you. At the same time, its color is also cute, and the pink design gives his girlfriend a romantic look.

The office is not warm enough, don’t be afraid to buy it!

Not warm enough in the office or study? Feeling cold and cold in your legs and feet? Turning on the air conditioner is too electricity-intensive, but with WarmPlus, there is no such problem. WarmPlus not only saves power, but also raises the temperature.

WarmPlus is designed to gather temperature, and at the same time it is safe and odorless, and the heating speed is also fast, which is simply blissful to put between your legs. Many girls are especially afraid of the cold and always configure a blanket, and with WarmPlus, you don’t have to worry about the cold.


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