The belt was developed by the ethnic minorities in ancient northern China in their long-term living practice, and it was not only used to tie robes, but also to wear some objects used in production and life. With the changes of the times, and now there are more and more styles and varieties of belts, so belts have begun to become an indispensable part of people’s clothing life.

It is said that a man needs 8 shirts, 6 ties, 4 belts… Perhaps one day, belts, like ties, will become exclusive to men. A belt that suits you will not only increase your worth, but also highlight your different tastes. Attract the eyes of the opposite sex.

Playboy men’s belt

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Summer is coming, girls like to wear skirts, but I always feel that the skirt looks better on the model than myself, and I always feel that I don’t wear that taste. If you pay attention to the details, the merchant will simply wear different decorations for the model, and a beautiful belt can make you wear a different taste.

Bow decorative strap

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From ancient times to the present, the waist has been the focus of attention, and the taste of a man’s waist only needs a simple and tough belt. TIMTONY belt is made of imported first-layer cowhide, based on the premise of versatility, Italian popular style design. It’s your smart choice.

TIMTONY leather belt

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Summer is coming, we love beautiful clothes will choose the color will be biased to light, bright color, how can such a beautiful color not match a suitable belt? The Faseton belt is a heart-shaped pattern that girls love, and there are a variety of bright colors for you to choose from. There’s always one for you.

Versatile embellished wide waistband

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Now there are more and more styles of belts, there are automatic buckles, smooth, but I still prefer the lever type, not only the style is classic, but also very convenient to wear. This seven-wolf pin buckle belt has been improved for a more innovative style and more refined workmanship. Match you even better.

Seven wolves pin buckle belt

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Openwork is an engraving technique. In modern times, the term openwork is being used more widely. The fashion industry uses this to express knitting or cutting techniques, and openwork fashion is synonymous with transparency and sexiness. Many international famous brands have their own classic openwork styles, which are deeply loved by fashionable people. The openwork belt is a good choice for you.

Openwork ladies belt

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A distinctive belt that is enough to make you stand out in front of everyone, a metal belt made of all steel, with a strong glossy texture, shining with a man’s unique light, and the ultimate simple design, which can be used in any occasion with ease, interpreting a cool male image.

Stainless steel men’s belt

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