Is a light mid-length cardigan a must-have for spring, summer and autumn? It can be used as both sunscreen clothing and air-conditioning shirt, sun protection and cold protection. The most important thing is to wear it casually~ with T-shirts and dresses are super good-looking. And when the breeze blows, the flowing hem is beautiful and handsome!

Literary versatile midi knitwear

Solid midi knitwear Korean loose slim slit thin knitted cardigan jacket

Mid-length long-sleeved outer, knitted cardigan thin jacket, women’s sunscreen

Colorful vertical striped large V-neck, gold silk shiny silk thin knitted cardigan women’s midi coat

Thin solid color double pocket versatile slim unbuttoned mid-length long-sleeved knit woman

Wear it over a loose midi knitwear jacket for spring and autumn

Cardigan mid-length shawl jacket slim fit V-neck top thin

Mid-length linen sweater, cardigan jacket, women’s split sleeves, thin sleeves

Fresh openwork thin sunscreen air-conditioning shirt, mid-length loose-knit cardigan jacket shawl

Linen knit women’s openwork loose sunscreen air conditioning shirt thin cardigan women’s coat

Mid-length paneled thin coat women’s spring black

Cardigan mid-length loose knitwear women’s air conditioning sunscreen shawl

Thin mid-length knitwear resort pocket bohemian large cardigan women’s summer

Slim, versatile and thin sunscreen jacket, long sleeves, mid-length knitted cardigan

Thin knit jacket top, loose mid-length solid color knitted cardigan for women

Striped candy color small cardigan spring and summer new mid-length slim versatile small fresh thin knitted cardigan woman

Thin mid-length style with a small shawl, sun protection jacket, jacket and air conditioning shirt

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