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Blue sky lights are


In the new product launched in 2021, when I watched the conference, I felt that my eyes lit up, and the effect of the simulated sunroof shown in the rendering was simply dreamy, and it looked so healing!

Then I glanced at the price again, 2499 yuan strength persuaded …

The arrow indicates a small window

But it’s so suitable for my guard! It is precisely because of this that I have always been obsessed with this “sky-high black technology”.

This May Day, it also ushered in a wave of good prices. 1999 yuan, finally arranged!

PS: Although the main bathroom has windows, the windows face south. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and almost at any moment it has nothing to do with it…

Effect display

Directly on the two real shooting effects, it is not too much to say that it is dreamy and transparent

I originally thought that the rendering I saw on the Internet was somewhat marketing in it, but I didn’t expect to install it and find that its actual effect was really good to describe in words!

It’s no exaggeration to say that the moment it was lit, I looked up at the light and almost thought that my bathroom really had a skylight.

This picture includes both ordinary panel lights and newly installed Yeelight blue sky lights, and the contrast between the two is not obvious

It was about 4:30 p.m. when the blue sky lights were installed, and the sun began to set. I turned on the light to try it out and saw the light shining obliquely on the wall


Nearby, like the feeling of the setting sun shining obliquely, the atmosphere is super strong ▲

This lamp works well, but there are still two problems:

The first of these is

The unit price is too high

, any one lamp will cost 2,000 pieces. If you are in a position like a balcony, if you want to spread the ceiling to create a blue sky atmosphere, I am afraid that you will not be able to fight twenty or thirty thousand;

The other is

Installation with thresholds

。 Although the installation itself is not complicated, there are still many problems to avoid during the installation process.

The following content, I will mainly share with you the problems in the installation of this Yeelight blue sky lamp, to give friends who are interested in starting a little reference, to avoid everyone to take detours.

Unpacking and installation

The product packaging is simple, and the content is very simple, including a blue sky lamp body, a white decorative plate, an instruction manual, and a number of large and small buckles and screws

There is a wire fixed with masking paper on the top of the blue sky lamp, marked L (live wire) and N (zero wire) ▲

The thickness of the lamp body is about 16cm, and the distance between the ceiling and the ceiling given on the detail page needs to be >20cm ▲

This looks like an installation threshold, but in fact, the ceilings of most home kitchens and bathrooms can meet the installation requirements, but there is not much problem.

Pipes, wires and keel alignment inside the ceiling



Integrated suspended ceiling

Internally, most likely there will be


Pipes or various water pipes and wires traverse

– And these crossed tubes, most likely

Prevent you from installing in the most ideal location

This blue sky lamp is not too thick!


Installation direction of the keel

It is also something that we need to pay special attention to. For example, in this scene of my main guard, the distribution of the keel means that this blue sky lamp can only be installed horizontally▲

These two problems are the problems that Yeelight’s blue sky lamp needs to be investigated and considered before installation. I personally

It is recommended that you first remove a suspended ceiling panel and stick your head in to observe

, to avoid the order after the order can not be installed and then returned, only to increase trouble.

There are two specifications of the card deduction size in the accessories, you only need to choose one of the specifications according to the size of the keel, and then fix it to the blue sky lamp with screws ▲

If you don’t know the size of the buckle you need to use, you can first take the buckle and compare it on the keel to avoid rework▲

None of this is complicated.

It should be noted that there is another sticker on the blue sky lamp panel, indicating the direction of illumination. When installing, be sure to face the wall where you want to project the light, and do not install it backwards

What height can be projected onto the wall and what is the height of the projection, you can refer to the above figure to roughly estimate ▲

There is a key parameter relationship here: M = 1.7H, and the projection height N can be calculated in equal proportions. I don’t think it’s necessary to calculate this value, just roughly estimate and control the value of H.

Drywall installation

In addition to the integrated ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom, this blue sky lamp can also be installed directly on the gypsum board ceiling, but the accessory package needs to be purchased separately▲

I took a look at the rendering effect of installing the blue sky lamp in the living room, study, entrance, etc., which is more warm and real than installing it in the bathroom. It’s a pity that the plaster roof at home cannot meet the installation conditions, and it can be considered a saving of money…

Finally, regarding the wiring, it is recommended that you can buy a little of this terminal for preparation, which is more convenient and safer than insulating with electrical tape after screwing up. ▲


Let’s start with the overall effect.

If I use the word “beautiful”, you may find it a bit pompous. But it really works so well! After putting it on, I called my wife and parents to visit the main guard, they all said that they were very amazing, and my father even acted “very ignorant”, took out his mobile phone and took a picture for a long time.

Compared with traditional panel lights, Yeelight’s blue sky lamp in addition to higher appearance, because of the special light path design, so even if you look up at the panel, you will not feel dazzling at all. Staring at it, you feel as if you really see the blue sky, this feeling is amazing!

In addition, this blue sky lamp is also a must in creating an atmosphere.

For example, the main bathroom of my house, the small window is open on the left side of the washstand. And the blue sky light I installed is projected in the direction of the wall-mounted washing machine opposite the small window

Get up in the morning to turn on the main bathroom lighting, and when washing, you can catch a glimpse of the right wall, that feeling, like the morning sun shining on the wall, the whole mood will suddenly become better~

But it’s not perfect either.

Taking my main bathroom as an example, because the light path is projected diagonally to the right wall, if only one blue sky lamp is installed, the lighting on the left part of the lamp body will be relatively weak. For this reason, I kept the original panel lamp and moved it directly above the washstand to fill the light

As for the details that need to be paid attention to in terms of installation, I have shown and reminded them in detail above. As long as you pay a little attention, you can successfully complete the modification.

I think the only thing that can hinder its promotion is probably the price. If I have money, I would love to use it to cover the ceiling of the balcony and create the feeling of a blue sky!

Insist on doing reviews with attitude and produce content with temperature. I’m Tomato, we’ll see you in the next article~

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