In everyone’s traditional impression, Europeans and Americans always bring their own beauty, deep facial features, thick eyebrows and big eyes, these iconic faces are favored by Asian people. Not only in terms of appearance, but even their figures are generally tall, and the waist and leg ratio is amazing. Wu Yanzu’s wife Lisa is one of them, a foreign beauty who integrates beauty, figure and temperament, probably only with high appearance and good figure, can marry a male god.

For female celebrities, when appearing in public, they will definitely carefully choose a gorgeous dress, and when Wu Yanzu and his wife appeared in the same frame this time, she chose a short starry sky bandeau dress skirt, wearing a pair of gold openwork high heels on her feet, and the goddess was full of fan. When choosing a dress, what suits you is the best, the length of the dress will bring a different moving effect, for women who are not tall or have a bad leg line, long skirts can cover up leg defects, and short skirts are more suitable for women with straight legs, which can allow them to better show their body advantages.

No matter what style of dress, simple design is difficult to achieve the stage effect, but too exaggerated decoration will look very cumbersome. For example, Lisa’s dress, the sequins all over the body create a starry sky effect, which is shiny enough and does not need other embellishments, so a simple fit is needed so that there will be no negative effects of dragging. And Europeans and Americans don’t like gorgeous and complex styles, because simple shapes can show their good figures.

As a model, Lisa’s good figure is visible because of this dress. The bandeau style is not only cool and sexy, but also highlights the slender arm line. The style of the short skirt shows off the slender and straight long legs, which is too sexy, directly higher than Wu Yanzu by half a head. In addition, a flowing black straight hair is scattered on both sides at will, showing the mature charm of women. When the costume is too eye-catching, there is no need to choose too gorgeous accessories, like her accessories are more low-key, except for a simple bracelet ring, there is no other decoration.

Female celebrities often choose gorgeous dresses to participate in activities, and sexy dresses such as bandeau are also more common, whether they are short or long, their good figures can wear the dress with a luxurious and elegant aura.

The cropped bandeau becomes a sexy little wildcat

The sexy goddess must not let go of a short bandeau dress, it is both elegant and sexy. For example, this red printed bandeau dress, the color of Chinese red is high-profile and luxurious, setting off fair skin. The simple style shows the unique charm of women, it is too sexy, and there is no need for the whole body to be pearlescent, and the small and exquisite accessories show an intellectual mature effect.

In addition to showing sexiness, the short bandeau can also bring a lively and cute atmosphere. This blue dress is playful in color, the puffy skirt is cute, the decoration of a small doll on the chest, cleverly covering the figure without losing sexiness, the special “seagull collar” outlines the proud curves, plus a pair of Barbie pink high heels, showing the long legs, creating a girly sexy charm, simply “wild” to the extreme.

The long bandeau dress creates a royal sister look

The long skirt is suitable for short-legged stars, concealing leg imperfections while blending high heels with leg length. A water mist blue bandeau dress is fresh and moving, showing off the collarbone, the delicate arm line is also highlighted, the waist style modifies the small man’s waist, the split design is very eye-catching, a pair of white long legs loom, elegant and flexible without losing sexy.

But for women who are themselves long legs, a long dress with a high waist line serves as a finishing touch. The white dress is simple and fresh, and the unique lace style adds layers to the whole. The role of the high slit design in showing the sexy charm is undoubted, and with the combination of Roman-style high heels, a pair of long legs are completely exposed, which is simply beautiful.

The bandeau style coordinates the proportions of the upper and lower parts of the body and visually creates a long leg effect. For Asian actresses, whether it is daily activities or walking the red carpet, it is indispensable to have a bandeau dress that shines while showing off the figure.

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