New Balance is a sports brand with more than 100 years, and its running shoe model is a thousand and classic style. Whether you look at the tide street shoot or recently being running, if you plan to start a pair of New Balance shoes, this article must not miss it.

New Balance Brand Logo

First introduce the model of naming rules. New Balance’s shoes are usually named in the form of “letters + numbers + letters”, such as M992GL, this will appear on the label of the shoe box, and also appear on the inside of the tongue (as shown below). The central part is a two-dimensional code, surrounded by various types of size, the upper left corner is width information, the upper right corner is model. The label of the picture below shows that this pair of shoes is men’s 992, the color is gray, the size is 12, the width is D.

New balance shoes number

1. Opening letter rules:

1) Adult:

M (Men’s): Men.

W (Women’s): Women.

RC (Racing Comp): Competition shoes.


O (Outdoor): Outdoor shoes.


W (Walking): Walking shoes.

R (Run): running shoes.


T (Trail): Off-road shoes.

X (Cross-Training): Training shoes.

CT / C (Tennis): Tennis shoes

2) Children’s payment:

K (Kid’s): Children.

J: running shoes.

V: Magic version of running shoes.

T: Tennis

X: Training shoes

3) Other:


Setting: CM or CW means this pair is a custom male (female) shoe.

2. Intermediate Digital Rules:

The intermediate number is generally 3 or 4 digits. 1 or 2 groups of startings, the latter 2 groups. The number of the first group usually, the higher the higher. The latter two official explanations are:

40: Control

50: Suitable for highways or indoor fitness

60: Stability

70: Lightweight Stability

80: slow pressure

90: Runners for pursuit of speed

00: Professional competition shoes, soles are spiked

New Balance shoes classification

It can be seen that the product line of New Balance is very comprehensive. If you want to make a comprehensive introduction, it is more difficult, and as the majority of NB powder, it is some trend and flagship models, so I will write according to the level. It mainly introduces some of the degree of fashion and the knowledge of scientific parameters, I hope to help everyone’s purchase.

New Balance M574GS

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