Since the beginning of winter overnight, Liya found that the studio friends have tacitly changed into coats, down jacket warm equipment, looking at the black and brown in the elevator, saying that it is not monotonous or fake, your urban beauty image!

Therefore, when a bright bag accessory appears, it can always inadvertently attract the attention of others, invisibly revealing a delicate atmosphere.

In fact

Bags are a quick way to enhance your chic feel

Even if you are the basic equipment of all black, with it you can also add outstanding highlights and easily win over passers-by.

It is more intuitive to look at the contrast directly, and the embellishment of color cannot be ignored

I guess the fairies have been sprinting on the track of beauty daily makeup recently, and today they should also change their minds,

Consider the list of packages.


aza is a fast-fashion bag store in China, so the overall style can be seen a lot

The presence of a fashion factor

, and the aesthetic is also more universal, just the right balance between practicality and beauty values.

The price is also within the acceptable range

, very suitable for the student party to go and search for a circle.

Liya recently took a fancy to this rabbit ear plush tote, with a strong sense of design, ingenious knots, and a very versatile color scheme and autumn and winter dark coats

Warm and sticky wool

It’s hard not to love.

There are many other plush models, all of which belong to the cute and non-aggressive hanging, which has a sense of winter atmosphere.

Especially the crimson panels,

The colors are bold but not ostentatious,

Wearing it casually gives people a feeling that they are very good at wearing.

Of course, there is no shortage of tote bags, bucket bags, and the overall bag type takes a simple route, but there are many differences in the details, the sense of shape max, and the sense of fashion in the workplace has not fallen at all.


JACD is rare in the hundred dollar price range,

A shop with good leather and workmanship

, the visual effect presented is very advanced, and you don’t have to worry about cheapness when you go to work and school.

Liya whispered BB, it is inevitable that there will be a shadow of copying luxury brands, and there needs to be more room for improvement.

Take this Da Linger chain bag as an example, it is quite a bit of a fragrant grandma CF taste, but I have to admit that the quality is really excellent at this price point.

The leather is soft, plus

The stripes of the large linger accentuate the texture even more

, the overall line has a sense of elegance, which is very suitable for the commuter party.

The underarm bag of the houndstooth grid is a little more

Vintage French style,

It is a type that looks good when you hold it in your hand, especially when paired with a light-colored coat, and the fashion attribute is up.

Underarm bags also have the advantage that small people will also press their backs, on the contrary

Ability to raise the center of gravity of vision

, the strength is high.

There are also many heterosexual bags with a strong style, and what is even more rare is that they have not given up practicality for the sake of styling, and they must also give a good review for this.


In fact, earlier Liya learned that this brand was planted with a certain pair of shoes, and later found that it was sold together with bags and shoes, and there was basically no obvious logo.

Take the everyday practical route.

Interested fairies can also be seen, like the recent more popular chessboard, Mao Mao drag.

Liya has been in this creamy white underarm bag in the summer, with rounded lines and my favorite knotted design, which is very refreshing to look at.

I didn’t expect to take it out with a coat in winter,

Another little more gentle temperament

, really pleasantly surprised.

This rabbit-like handbag also hit my girly heart,

The gross volume is really too adequate.

When you get it, you only have to be comfortable and comfortable, and your mood suddenly becomes a lot happier.

The capacity is also huge, especially able to hold things, the only drawback is that there is no layering, it is easy to become a mess.

I don’t know that there are wood fairies like Liya, winter to all kinds

Plush pieces

I just can’t resist.

Panels of lamb’s wool and leather,

It has both a tough shape and a soft heart, and I also have full marks for good looks, and a formal casual bag can be done.

Compared with pure shades of brown, the layering is richer after blending into warm white, which easily becomes the finishing touch of the whole look.

By the way, it still has home

Doll hangings

, as long as 10 dollars of workmanship is very good, big eyes have a peculiar cute point, if you feel that the bag is too monotonous you can add an accessory, immediately add a lot of points.

It is said that bags can make people feel happy, Liya found that there is nothing wrong, just the sharing process feels very healing, I don’t know which bag you all fancy, welcome to actively speak.

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