【Chinese clothing circle. Issue 2304] Content source: Little Red Book, Peace Bird official website

On October 6th, the girl of Rakucho opened the entrance of the flower bush, retreated into the dizzy pink petal tunnel, and joined hands with Momonary to collide with Shanghai Fashion Week to embark on a dreamy and fluffy winter adventure.

As a well-known domestic girl brand, it officially opened winter romanticism with a very romantic and gorgeous oriental girl show, and is committed to integrating the tonality of cutting-edge independent designers into the connection between the brand and consumers.

【A Maze of rose】2021 Rakucho and momonary to create the 21st Winter cooperation collection fashion show, with the rose fantasy to symbolize that Rakucho girls are cute with a touch of perversity, and romance with a touch of personality.

The “Rakucho X Momonary Collaboration Limited Edition” is showcased as a key chapter in the entire Rakucho brand’s winter season, and this limited edition is the first time that Rakucho has collaborated with Momonary, an up-and-coming original designer brand in China. Through dreamy colors, heavy fabric selection, and the use of multiple craftsmanship techniques, the unique spirit and liveliness of post-Oriental girls are interpreted in clothing. The brand’s innovative use of lace fabrics in down design highlights the original design concept between the decorative and practical, and the collision of creativity and art gives the entire collection a romantic character.

In this show, the rose pattern in the print and quilting design of the collaborative series of Rakumachi and Momonary was extracted from the glass carving of Rene Lalique, a representative of the French Art Nouveau movement; The silhouette retains the Momonary’s classic curved sleeves, which outline a smart and playful shape.

The traditional rose shape has been rearranged and recreated to create a free-flowing thorny rose pattern spread over a soft down jacket that complements the soft softness of the intriguing edge.

In the launch of the show, X momonary innovatively combines rose patterns with down elements, and then uses printing, composite lace and quilting to add girly romance to the entire collection.

Time seems to swirl still in a pink tunnel, blending the melted cream yellow of cupcakes and the exclusive black of rebellious sweethearts. A little perverse in cuteness, a touch of personality in romance, petals are still blooming, and dreams are still spreading.

The girl embraced the warm down as if she had an exclusive winter marshmallow, and also fell into the infinite lingering pink fantasy.

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