The thread used is Mrs. Meow Lidong, three-strand weaving,

The wide thread of the ten under four is slim and warm.

This time the photo was taken with the addition of the little cat cheer baby,

Although it fills in the trouble, it adds color.

『 Autumn color 』

With Line:

Mrs. Meow stood in three strands


Six regiments

With needles:

Number 11

The density and size are not accurately measured due to fabric shrinkage, and the length of the garment is about 55cm


Weaving instructions:

First, the main body: 294 needles from the 11th needle, knitting ten lower and four pit strips, 158 rows divided into front and rear pieces, 146 needles in the front piece, 148 needles in the back piece, 7 stitches after opening and hanging, 2-2-2, 2-1-5, remaining 116 stitches, 74 lines of open and hanging continuous line to close the shoulder and back collar, 35 stitches in the shoulder, 9-9-9-8, 46 stitches in the back collar, 34 stitches in the middle, 2-2-3 obliquely.

Second, the front piece is opened and hung flat and closed 6 needles, the other is the same as the back piece, open and hung 46 lines open the front collar, flat 6 needles, oblique 2-3-2, 2-2-2, 2-1-8, 4-1-2, oblique shoulder with the back piece.

3. Sleeve: 72 needles from the 11th gauge needle, weaving pit strips, adding needles 30-2-1, 8-2-16, adding to 106 stitches, then knitting 4 rows, reducing sleeve mountains, flat closing 7 (6 stitches), oblique closing 2-2-2, 2-1-9, 4-1-3, 2-1-9, 2-2-1, 2-3-1, remaining 33 stitches flat.

A few simple process diagrams:

A bottoming that’s perfect for autumn and winter, it’s ready to go.

• end •

Author | Chestnut ~ jasmine

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