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As a classic car, sales are also very considerable in China, so many friends private message messages to see the classic Cruze modification case, helpless most of them are “auto parts city” style, not very in line with everyone’s taste, and today this modification case abandons the “auto parts city” style, piggyback some European charm, everyone to enjoy together.

In 2009, the Cruze was officially launched in China, this sports sedan full of European style, once unveiled into a young man’s dream car, although the new Cruze has been launched, but the classic Cruze still has an important position in the hearts of fans.

Nowadays, car modification culture has gradually penetrated into the lives of car fans, and in the past, they could only look at the modification cases of foreign car friends, and now all over China have held their own modified car exhibitions, which shows that this is an unstoppable trend.

When it comes to modifications, in the 100,000-class model, the potential of the Cruze cannot be underestimated, even if the body is only lowered by a few centimeters, the return rate of the car will double.

The project involved carbon fiber bonnet, xenon headlights, LED taillights, exhaust, scribing brake discs, multi-plate wheels, although there was no exaggerated decoration overall, but every detail was enough to show the owner’s good intentions.

Of course, this kind of modification that tries to maintain the original tone abandons the dazzling “auto parts city style”, is clean and tidy, and adds a European car charm.

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