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Guiping, which emerged as a city, began to be documented from the Qin Dynasty, and it can be said that it is one of the oldest places in Guangxi. It was only in 502 AD that the name of the land changed several times, until 502 AD, when the Southern Dynasty established Guiping Commandery, from which the name “Guiping” began, and in 633 AD, the Tang Dynasty set up Xun Prefecture, and the name “Xun Prefecture” also began to appear. So, Gui Ping first, Xunzhou later!

History chose to build a city here in Guiping, and the prosperity and bustle of two thousand years are all because of the unique geographical environment here,

Born of water, abundant by water

。 The First Emperor sent 500,000 Qin troops to repair the spiritual canal, enter the Li River, go down the Guijiang River and out of the Xijiang, and trace the Xun River up to Guiping. Guiping between the two rivers, backed by mountains and waters, and the Xunzhou Plain is fertile and thousands of miles, which is a suitable place to stay. Along the Qian and Yuer Rivers, you can go north and west, which is an important embodiment of its superiority. At that time, there was a large area of laurel trees near Mengxu in the southeast of Guiping, and when the first emperor set up the three counties of Lingnan, the name of the entire jurisdiction was a reference to here, and it was named: Guilin County.

Time is like an arrow, the sea is full of vicissitudes, and too many stories and personnel changes have happened in this land. Today, it has dissipated in the dust of history, and only the food, which has been passed down forever with word of mouth. All said

One side of soil and water and one person,

Gui Ping is no exception. The abundance of products makes this delicious food colorful. The integration of the Qin army stationed in those years and the local people is no longer traced, more because it belongs to the Pearl River Basin, the ancient times dominated by waterway transportation, and Guangdong are closely connected, so Guiping cuisine is mainly Cantonese cuisine, but Guiping Mountain has many villages, and many flavor dishes and snacks are combined together, which adds to the charm of this small city!

When it comes to Guiping’s food, it seems a little difficult to drain one, two, three, because if you fill a table on the table to choose, it is difficult to give up any kind of table. I can’t wait to become a big stomach king, and I am willing to accept it all in my stomach!

However, on the restaurant restaurant, some people want to introduce a few big dishes, hard dishes, and it seems that some can’t be pointed out, because they are Cantonese dishes, white cut chicken, steamed fish, etc., too similar and overlapping, and the local flavor can be told.

One, claypot rice and rice bowl

The local flavors of Guiping are very distinctive! Take roast wax, and Cantonese style in the same vein, combined with the taste of local seasonings and richer, the small town is not big, just two streets, the old city is basically hidden in the thick green, a quiet and casual look, walking around the old streets, you will find that it seems that time is going backwards, although there are no ancient buildings and scenic spots, but the mottled houses, green moss in the corners, lush and tall, thick shade trees, seven bends and eight deep alleys, all highlight the vicissitudes of the small city. However, the most enticing scent comes from the houses that look a little vicissitudes.

Usually the shops are in the front and back rooms, and there are a few tables and chairs that may look simple but are clean in front of the door or in the hall. There is a claypot stove at the door, sit down, watch the claypot on the stove purring steaming, for a moment, a simple claypot rice or rice bowl, plus char siu, roast goose, roast duck, roast meat and other flavors of more spelling, or white cut chicken, white cut pork belly combination, and then scald a few cabbage, a cup of old fire soup, it is presented on the table, the heart is full of satisfaction, this is full of guiping taste.

The perfect combination of roast and claypot rice, who can resist such a temptation? Fresh, fragrant, sweet, salty, tough, cotton, soft, all together, are the favorites of foodies.

Delicious city well.

And if you taste donburi, it is generally in a food stall, and you don’t have this taste and feeling in a restaurant restaurant. There are a few char siu hanging on the stall at the door, a few roast duck and roast goose, a few white cut chicken, peanuts, tiger skin phoenix claws, pork belly, etc. on the case, no need to shout, no need to make an advertising leaflet, because what could be more attractive than this lively signboard? Generally speaking, a roasted work basically has to go through the process of pickling, sugaring, threading needles, burning juice, cutting pieces, and drizzling juice before it is served, and the process and heat mastery are very particular.

The same is true of braised pork rice, Guiping’s Cantonese marinade, salty and fresh and sweet

For the use of spices, Guiping people have their own experience

。 Guiping, can be said to be the capital of spices,

Many common spices are produced in Guiping, so the preparation of a pot of brine is difficult to defeat the Guiping people, and the Guiping people almost concentrate the use of spices

Five-spice powder

Guiping five-spice powder is rich and fragrant, which is a necessary seasoning for ordinary people’s homes. Especially for buckle meat, five-spice buckle meat is one of the representative dishes! In the past, Guiping’s banquets were indispensable dishes had its figure, but now, people’s living standards have improved, and the buckle meat does not meet people’s requirements for reducing three highs, so the city has also removed it for banquets, but rural banquets are still popular, and even the flavor is better!

Braised pork rice, as the name suggests, is a combination of braised meat and rice, this meat is rich, braised chicken, marinated eggs, marinated chicken feet, marinated duck palms, marinated pork belly, etc., dazzling, depending on whether your pocket is thick enough!

This is usually lunch at noon.

Second, when talking about Guiping food, you must say pork foot powder.

Eating pork foot flour must be in the morning, and it is eaten in a street flour shop, which is the main breakfast of Guiping people. In fact, it is more appropriate to call the powder stall, because each store has a few low seats in front of the store, as if it is a stall, and whether it is the owner of a suit and leather shoes, or an ordinary dressed migrant boy, or a fashionable girl or a student brother and sister, they all gather around the shabby low table to chew pig’s feet and powder. An elderly grandfather will come to a glass of rice wine, a cup (bowl) of powder, a small plate of peanuts, drink alone, leisurely and leisurely, taste slowly, and enjoy his life without others.

Although the low platform and stool look old, they are still clean, and the variety of dishes at the powder stall is also varied, including char siu, beef brisket, roast meat, sausages, marinated eggs, curd bamboo, etc., but the most popular is pig’s feet. If you have a luxury, you can also serve a little bit of it with the hot powder, and the refreshing fragrance will waft. At this time, it is the god who resists the temptation and temptation, and the pig’s feet are picked up and sent to the mouth, fat but not greasy, crispy and smooth, and the flexible pig’s feet are authentic pig’s foot powder. In particular, the thick connective tissue (tendon) behind the pig’s trotters, after the boss’s cooking, the taste is particularly good, and there is an illusion of eating bear paws.

The powder is artificially steamed beautiful, and the taste is the best, which is the taste that the machine powder cannot achieve. The most important thing about steamed powder is the heat.

One more fire is too old, and one less fire is unripe.

It is said that this is the secret of good food.

Third, street food

If you can still see such a grandfather and grandma setting up a stall at the foot of the street in Guiping, then be sure to help him or her, this is an authentic Guiping snack:

Pan-fried dumplings. Pure guiping taste,

The white one is pure glutinous rice dumplings, and the green ones are mugwort dumplings! There is also a yellow brown sugar dumpling, but it is rare. When frying, there is a croaking sound, the aroma of rice burnt spreads, take it, bite down, the glutinous fragrance is tempting, the taste is long, and it is full of hunger, it is an excellent energy fuel machine for shopping!

The craftsmanship of these grandfathers and grandmothers (the affectionate name of the Guiping people for the elderly) is unspeakable, skillful and kind, with dark faces full of folds, always a kind smile, which naturally makes you think of your grandparents. Maybe it’s for a living, maybe they don’t want to drag down their children, maybe it’s to pass their leisure time, in short, they are hardworking people!

Fried spring rolls and fried onion cakes basically disappeared from the street, one is no one wants to do it, the second is the need to beautify the city, the third is that the people who do it are old, they can’t do it, this is the food that I thought about when I was a child, I like to watch the oil around the stall to fry the spring rolls or onion cakes from white to yellow, smelling the fragrance in the air! The saliva is flowing, but I can’t bear to leave!

The development of the times, many cuisines have gone away, leaving our lives, is it inheritance or development? This is up to time!

At present, the development of Guiping City has expanded to the opposite side of the two sides, and the prototype of a large Guiping has taken shape, but the leisurely food is still circulating in the three streets and six lanes, with endless aftertaste, sticking to the heritage of Guiping City, but I don’t know how long it can last. If you can eat it, cherish it!

In addition to the powder stall, claypot rice stall, porridge shop is also a major feature of Guiping, or a major feature of Guangxi, eating porridge, Guiping people are serious, and many varieties of porridge are estimated that many people outside Lingnan have not heard, ordinary lean porridge, preserved egg lean porridge not to mention, pork red porridge, mustard porridge, mussel porridge, raw porridge, fish fillet porridge, etc., as a foodie, come to Guiping is not to be missed!

Why do southerners like to eat porridge? This is said to be related to the Qin army that conquered Lingnan! In ancient times, the mountains of Guangxi were densely forested, miasma was rampant, scorching heat and humidity, so that the Qin army suffered a lot, the grain road was not smooth, only local rice was collected to fill the army food, the army men remembered the batter in Guanzhong, so they added rice to a large amount of water and boiled, a bowl of rice soup to the belly, better than taking medicine, quenching the heat and thirst. With strength, confidence is enough. Finally won Lingnan and opened up a new territory!

Lingnan people are at the top of the food chain, in the current language to eat everything, eat porridge too, all kinds of ingredients into the boiled porridge to taste, a beautiful bowl, if you have eaten, you will not forget! And to eat porridge, you must put pepper, Gui Ping said

“Ancient Moon Powder”

, put pepper porridge, freshness will be a little raised!

If you come to Guiping, these delicacies cannot be missed, many times, is it easier to understand the situation of a party and start with food?

I am Wei Kee! Thanks for reading and following!

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