Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kunqu Opera “1699 Peach Blossom Fan”

2022/3/18-19 19:15

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Opera Hall | OPERA HALL

Director|Tian Qinxin

Starring Shan Wen, Shi Xiaming, etc

*The cast is based on the scene

Kunqu opera “1699 Peach Blossom Fan”

Kong Shangren in the Qing Dynasty, after more than 20 years of painstaking management of the legendary play “Peach Blossom Fan”, has been baptized by time and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and can be described as the pinnacle of Chinese classical drama.

Tian Qinxin, a famous director of the National Theatre, created this “fine Kunqu opera” of the same name based on Kong Shangren’s original work, and the nearly 3-hour “Peach Blossom Fan” performed 6 of the 44 originals.

The reason why “1699” is emphasized in the title, director Tian Qinxin explained:

“In 1699, the legendary Kunqu opera “Peach Blossom Fan” was unscripted, and after the script was written, it has not been staged in its original appearance in the past 200 years, and this time I will focus on reproducing the legend of the original drama in its original form.”

Kunqu opera “1699 Peach Blossom Fan” tells the story of the late Ming Dynasty, when the scholar Hou Fangyu lived in Jinling and married Li Xiangjun, a famous prostitute of Qinhuai, as a confidante. Later, he was killed by an adulterer, causing the two Lao Yan to fly apart, and the name of the sky was on the side. Later, after experiencing a series of events such as the crossing of the river by Qing troops and the fall of Yangzhou, faced with the reality of the country’s destruction and death, Hou Fangyu’s political ambitions were completely shattered, and he returned to Qixia; Li Xiangjun, on the other hand, struggled to find the ambitious Hou Lang in her mind. The difference in personality finally made the lovers lose the opportunity to meet each other for the last time, and the peach blossom fan sent to the Southern Dynasty, which also broke the love of Hou and Li.

Source: Thoughtful Shanghai

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