Every fashion girl has several beautiful bags in her home, recently in addition to leather bags, canvas bags that look like shopping bags are the favorite of every quiet girl, easy to be big, good-looking and versatile, and cost-effective, today the Oriental Women’s Network Xiaobian recommends several canvas bags with a high rate of return! Definitely eyeballs!

The canvas bag is simple to set up for a casual style

The best style to match the canvas material is casual! Just like canvas shoes are a basic style that everyone has in their shoe cabinet! The casual style of canvas bags with wide pants and denim is a good choice! But don’t make it too fancy, otherwise the costumes and bags will look too jumpy~

The whole body is mainly black X white, and the One tone wearing method is easy to wear no matter what! (Extended reading: Three tricks of wearing the same color, accidentally stealing the camera than you!)

The casual feel of wide pants with a canvas bag, completely match! What? Don’t know how to match wide pants? Look at → ghost wall item that hipsters are crazy! This summer, I must learn “wide pants” 3 style

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