Wilde once said: Fashion is so ugly that we change it every six months.

And fashion is still a reincarnation, no, those trends of 20 years ago are coming back in 2022. In this issue, we will take an inventory of those popular trends in the spring and summer of 2022~

The low-rise trouser mini skirt returns strongly, and the proportion is too ruined to show the short legs

In the past two years, the most frequent fashion words have been “millennial” and “Y2K”, which are popular styles at the beginning of the 21st century. One of the most important popular labels at the time was “low-rise”, Hollywood superstars, it girls were at the forefront of trends, from skirts to all kinds of pants are low-rise styles stuck in the crotch.

Pulling down the waistband to reveal the belt edge of the panties is not Justin Bieber’s exclusive style, 20 years ago, Rihanna all painted like this.

Now it seems that these outfits are outdated and incomprehensible? But spring-summer 2022

The low waist can really be described as a strong return, even the miumiu of the girl brand has become a combination of ultra-short top + ultra-low-rise short skirt pants, and the edge of the underwear is exposed, and the degree of “help” is shouted after watching.

But as the brand’s main style, domestic and foreign co-stars have begun to get on. Rapper Liu Baixin, actor Qiu Tian, etc. are all performed on the upper body, as for the effect, Liu Baixin who wears it to the scene is naturally more real, although it shows the waist of the water snake, but it also destroys the proportion and shows short legs.

In addition to low-rise pants, various mini skirts are also one of the representative items of millennial style. One of the favorite outfits of the hot girls 20 years ago was the combination of a tight top + mini skirt.

Even a midi skirt, like the Miss Hilton of the IT girl at the time, was to be stuck on the crotch and expose the way to wear the belly.

The 2022 runway is also full of low-rise skirts and this way of wearing. But this low-waist mini short skirt is really too easy to walk away, and show the waist length ~

Platform shoes and trousers under skirts are returning?

In addition to a variety of super pointed heels, the shoes of 20 years ago were a variety of platform shoes, including platform heels, wedge heels, and various muffin shoes.

On the runway in 2022, a variety of platform platform platform platform platform shoes, and muffin shoes that are the same high as walking blind before and after are also frequently appeared. Platform shoes in all forms, from Versace to acne studios, are found throughout the spring/summer 2022 collection.

For small people, this platform seems to be the choice to increase height without tiring feet? But the platform shoes themselves are relatively bulky, the shoe shape is not showy, it is not too friendly to the petite body, and it will be very deductible points if it is not matched well, you can refer to Zhao Liying’s effect.

In addition to low-rise and platform shoes, the impressive way to wear it in the millennial style is definitely wearing trousers under the skirt.

This mash-and-match style was also popular in Hollywood at the time, and superstars wore it to parties or walk the red carpet.

In 2022, the wearing of trousers under the skirt is also a return momentum, jacquemus, Alberta Ferretti to LV have appeared in the way of wearing pants under the skirt, this kind of matching that looks redundant, it is quite difficult to wear it well.

From low-rise pants and low-rise skirts, to platform shoes and the way to wear pants under the skirt, it is the trend of the millennium, and now it is coming back strongly, so which millennial style do you think you will really smell? Let’s talk about it

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