Autumn is coming, pink pink color beautiful clothes,

The sweet wind is still there, the girl who didn’t wear enough pink pink clothes in the summer,

Let’s take a look at Miss Hop Da and see how to hold Pink Pink

Pink pink1: Pink knitted women’s skirt pink and white vertical striped pullover sweater dress

A sweater skirt yo of cute, pink and tender,

Very tender skin, absolute age reduction, a must-have for selfies,

It’s very sweetのA sweater

Baby-soft fabric with pink and white vertical stripes

Super cute and eye-catching girlfriend outfit

Pink pink2: High-end chiffon dress pink off-the-shoulder cake dress

Very pink and tender, so cute

If you like pink pink’s mushrooms, I also like this

Pink pink3: Hand-knitted sweater in seven colours of ice cream

The pink sweater is really beautiful

With a short skirt, the feeling of a princess immediately walked

Pink pink4: V-neck preppy bow-knit dress

This pink tender can be held no matter how tall, short, fat or thin

It can be both preppy and cute

Pink pink5: Polka-dot Barbie knit suit sweet skirt

This pink can be worn on both sides

Wear a pink hat from the same collection

It’s really pink, don’t want it

Wear a pink coat when it’s cold in winter

What a bright pink princess in winter

Pink pink6: Pink and white two-tone towel embroidery set

This is a three-piece set and also comes with a suspender inside

It’s just cute Miss Ada

I really want to bring a set to cute

Ha ha

Pink pink7: Horizontal stripe pink set

Miss Dada wants to say that this one has been very popular recently

Early autumn suit, powder does not pick people, office workers and students MM can control the top is a loose version, so comfortable and comfortable

Soft and elastic! The skirt is 2-layer panels, so that it can look thinner,

Loose, comfortable and thin.

Pink pink 8: Colorful striped knit dress

This one is bound to be hot this autumn

In previous issues, Miss Rida also introduced this

Slim and visible, but not too tight,

Knitted clothes, even if you are a little belly, will cover up well

If it’s cold, you can put on a small knit jacket to make a set

Pair it with pink and tender ones

Pink pink 9: Heart-patterned chiffon shirt

Tender must-have, 100% return rate

Wear it with a pink dress from the same collection

In early autumn, it is cute

Pink pink10: Korean macaron series knitted couple wear pink

Finally, I recommend a pink couple’s outfit

The cute girl is coming with her boyfriend to be handsome and tender

There are also a lot of pink pink pink beauty clothes have not been recommended, like pink pink pink beautiful clothes mushroom cold first subscribe me,

There will be beautiful clothes recommendations in the later stage

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Text/Miss Rida

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