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Are you guys doing lately? This year’s Singles’ Day not only started a little suddenly, but the battle line also stretched longer. I don’t know if anyone has the same feeling as OK!, as long as Double 11 is not over, every day there seems to be something new to buy…

In the season of alternating autumn and winter, in addition to preparing winter clothes, the fashionable sense of style cannot be lost! A good accessory can be the key to lighting up the look, today OK! To plant grass for everyone is the style of changeable, warm beanie and fisherman hat, let’s take a look!

Knitted beanie

When it comes to hats suitable for winter, the first thing that pops into mind is the beanie. Although the fashion goose has long been afraid of hot and cold, and wears it in all seasons, you can also see how strong the shape of the beanie is! This winter, first pick a suitable one for yourself~

Although there are not many variations in the style of beanies, they can be mixed and matched with a variety of styles to create unexpected effects. American cold hats have always given people a feeling of freedom and unruliness, with sweatshirts, jeans, harvesting the cool youth of the street who return is you are right.

Colorful beanies are a great way to brighten up your look in winter. Don’t worry about styles not compating, elegant coats and skirts can also be perfectly matched with beanies! Choose a bright and jumpy beanie for a contrast, which can bring a touch of brightness to the dull winter and show more youthful vitality.

If you’re afraid of making a mistake, try dressing in a smooth color. Echoing the color of the clothes, the whole look can be full of details in an instant. Even if you have to wear a suit at work, and choose an unruly feeling of the same color into a beanie, you can reflect the charm of independent choice in the details.

Dress advice

There is a saying that the requirements for the face shape and head shape of the knitted beanie hat are not low. Because it fits the head better, the effect on the shape of the face is very small, but the shortcomings will be exposed. People with small faces on the whole can wear them well.

Although the style of the beanie is simple, only by paying more attention to the subtle differences can you pick out the style that suits you. Because fine knitting fits the head better, the requirements for the face shape are higher, and Jimei, which has a larger head, needs to be carefully chosen.

The thick stick needle woolen hat has a stronger sense of air, has a certain modification effect on the head shape, more round or square face shape, it is recommended to choose this type of looser woolen hat with threads.

Zhou Yutong

Tweed suit with sweatshirt suit, Zhou Yutong’s style can always give people a lot of inspiration. The coffee color is worn with a strong autumn and winter feeling, and the thick stick needle beanie adds more warmth.

Yang beyond

Beyond the younger sister, a taro purple hooded sweatshirt with jeans appeared at the airport, and the royal blue beanie full of color saturation became the highlight of the look, simple and comfortable, of course, how to be comfortable at the airport ~

Wang Jiaer

Wang Jiaer’s love for beanie is still unknown, even in summer, beanie is never absent all year round, it is said that we quack right! The dark green sweatshirt suit is simple and stylish, and the yellow Sempson print and the ginger beanie on the head echo just right~ Just ask how to walk on the street like this, how can the rate of turning back be less.

Tube oak

Also a thick needle beanie, the tube oak is opted for fluorescent green and azure blue, and can be worn with a sweatshirt, jeans or casual plaid pants.

Bai Jingting

In addition to Jiaer, Bai Jingting is also a family who loves beanies, sky blue flanged beanie with simple white T jeans, a stop there is a blockbuster, even in summer, there is no violation, blue beanie also adds points to the fashionability of the look, full of youthful feeling.

Kong Yoo

Not only street style, casual style, but also a woolen hat to create a mature and elegant style. Look at Uncle Kong You’s jujube red knitted sweater with a dark dark green beanie, exuding the hormonal atmosphere of a mature man, full of charm.

Fisherman’s hat

To say that this year’s most popular hat must be the fisherman’s hat, they can always be seen in the runway of various brands, from the fabric material to the shape pattern, very malleable, is the perfect accessory for concave styling all year round.

Because of the “friendliness” of the fisherman’s hat, both boys and girls can easily hold it without discrimination. It is also very inclusive of face shape, especially for “difficult people with hats” with relatively square or wide face shapes, which can help modify the face shape well.

In terms of style, fisherman hats are not only exclusive to the super cool youth on the street, sweet Korean style, elegant French style or cool and handsome androgynous style, as long as you wear the skills in place, you can create any style you want.

In addition, entering the cold winter, the function of fisherman’s hat warmth is also vividly played, the choice of fabrics alone is very rich, and the appearance is also a high race!

The tweed-faced fisherman’s hat is more suitable for sunny autumn, the fabric is slightly stiffer, and it is worn with a trench coat and coat, which brings a feeling of elegance;

The lamb wool fisherman’s hat must have been booked this winter, and I have seen all kinds of fashionable elves wearing it;

There are also styles that look more “luxurious” imitation fur or rabbit fur, and the fluffy looks like it makes people want to get started with “rua”, and is there a sense of déjà vu of “mountain carvings”? But obviously this is not so daily, if you travel to the Great Northeast or Europe is also a good hand for concave styling~

In addition to fabrics, there are also various animal patterns, reading patterns are also popular from summer to winter, such as leopard print, zebra print, cow print… and so on to bring more possibilities for styling, but also with its own cute feeling.

Although the adaptability of the fisherman hat is high, there are still different types of hats, and if you want to wear it well, there are still many points that need to be paid attention to when choosing.

Fisherman hats have a choice of deep and shallow, friends with a shorter face are not very suitable for deeper hats, and the material should also avoid soft collapse and thin, and the head is too close to expose the head shape.

The size and openness of the brim should also be chosen according to the shape of the face. Generally speaking, the wider the hat shape and the larger the brim, the smaller the face, so the short round face and large face Jimei are more suitable for fisherman hats with wide brims and structured materials.

Yang Mi

It has always been girly, and this time is no exception. In the latest release, the tender yellow threaded sweater with a coffee-colored lamb wool fisherman hat is full of vitality, and the teddy bear-shaped satchel on his hand is also cute, saying that he is ready to search for the same style?

Zheng Naixin

The last time I introduced plush fabrics, I cued Nene Zheng Naixin, who is famous for wearing a fisherman’s hat with lamb fleece. The square hat body and the brim of the hood reflect the long, rounded face and more delicate proportions. The black also echoes the black, white and gray patchwork lamb wool coat on the body, which is sweet and soft.

Kong Xueer

Kong Xueer, who has a palm-sized face and a smooth and three-dimensional jawline, also chose a lamb wool fisherman’s hat, but the material is softer and fits the head shape, and the line of the brim is more rounded. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a lamb fleece jacket, the colors are all light-colored, nude pink is refreshing and sweet, and blue and white are as sweet as marshmallows!


Luhan, who has always liked all kinds of baseball caps, changed a woolen checked fisherman hat this autumn, the combination of tweed and check is full of retro tones, the open brim modifies the face shape better, plus the blessing of the milk tea jacket suit, handsome under the warm autumn sun ~

Double 11 is not over yet,

Don’t forget the hat accessories that keep warm and add points to the look~

Keep up the good work!

Dress advice

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