With the development of society, people’s living standards improve, Chinese people clothing, food, housing and travel can not be separated from convenience bags, according to relevant department statistics, the average daily consumption of Chinese convenience bags one, think about how big this market is? Vegetable markets, manufacturers, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. all use it, usually a small vegetable market daily consumption of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, so the amount is very large.

1. Choose a good address, rent a factory building of 500 square meters, rent 4,000 yuan, buy a film blowing machine of 30,000, a bag making machine of 20,000, a printing machine of 80,000, 10,000 others, a working capital of 50,000, and make plastic materials of about 5,000 tons. Install water and electricity, convenient transportation, and handle relevant business license procedures.

2. The market is not worried, do a good job of publicity, let others know that you are doing this line, before the early market is not done, go to run more business, mainly vegetable markets, supermarkets, surrounding useful convenience bag manufacturers, etc., start a small amount of production, gradually increase production.

3. Profit analysis: a pound of plastic can make 300-500 convenient bags, sell about one cent, calculate a pound to produce 300, a bag profit excluding costs, labor, water and electricity, rental costs, profit 3 points a piece, if a day production of two tons, monthly production of 25 days calculation, January profit of 20,000 or there, one year back, the second year can earn money, the larger the amount, the more money, the above is only a reference.

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