Should men use moisturizer? This problem should also bother many boys, right? Take my own experience as an example, I think it is necessary for boys to use moisturizer, whenever winter comes, the face without moisturizer has a lot of “dead skin”, “dry skin”, and even a feeling of cuts, I don’t know if you feel the same way?

My side is still in Guangdong, and the weather is relatively not so cold. I don’t know if my friends in the north also feel the same way, although it will be very cold when applying moisturizer, but in order to go out without the baptism of cold, it is more appropriate to use a moisturizer.

On the left is the moisturizer my girlfriend uses, and on the right is the Kean moisturizer I am using. The amount used by boys is indeed much larger, in fact, the price is more affordable, 69 yuan, the capacity is 50 grams, enough to resist a winter dosage, and then I will talk about the moisturizer used by the men.

The moisturizer I use is the latest men’s high moisturizing moisturizer launched by Kegan, and its product content and use experience are slightly different from the moisturizer I used in the past, with higher moisture, better moisturizing effect, and it is really suitable for boys with rough skin.

The whole box is roughly like the picture, gray and white, and has the product name and capacity design. The appearance is not tall, and the overall design is quite good-looking.

The lip balm I used before uses avocado material, and the whole thing is gray. The color of Kean Men’s High Moisturizing Moisturizer is light white, and the overall is watery, relatively silky. Most of the moisturizers I used before were solid jelly, and it was really very different from regular moisturizers.

In terms of product differentiation, the moisturizer specifically mentions several important formulas:

1) Antarctic glacial protective protein;

2) Huaxi patented natto extract;

3) prebiotics;

4) Squalane, avocado resin;

5) PHYTOFIX – STS plant biomimetic lipid technology;

6) 4D hyaluronic acid; Efficient hydration;

I believe that the vast majority of people are the same as me, and they can’t understand the purpose of these formulas. In fact, to put it simply, it is more resistant to cold and moisturizing, natto extract is more prominent in the protection of consolidating the stratum corneum, and combined with the action of avocado resin, it can play a strong physical barrier…

The role of Antarctic glacier protective protein is to play a better cold resistance, and for relatively cold environments, it can better maintain emollient use.

I used it on my hand for a simple reduction, and I could see that the skin near the back of the hand was very dry, with obvious traces of large pores. However, after spreading all the Ke’an Men’s High Moisturizing Moisturizer on the back of the hand, you can clearly see the luster of the back of the hand after moisturizing, the key is that the moisturizer also uses prebiotics, which can play a role in inhibiting germs.

Let’s take a look at the feeling of getting on the skin, this is the state before using the high-moisture moisturizer, obviously see that the face is very dry, there are a lot of dead skin on the face, this is still not going out, just got up state.

The picture below is the photo after the use of high moisture moisturizer, obviously see that the face is a lot moist, in fact, it mentioned “4D hyaluronic acid”, roughly to play a role in hydration, after my actual use, the face obviously feels a lot wet, just on the face will be a little cold, after adaptation to feel very soft, the skin is very firm.

I didn’t like moisturizer before, but I didn’t like the smell inside the cream, it was too strong and fragrant, and I couldn’t appreciate it. On the other hand, the moisturizer is almost tasteless, and it is only a faint aroma when you smell it closely.

It is reported that the product was counted before it was released, and more than 97.7% of experiencers thought that the product smell was acceptable. This product does not add fragrance, only the original smell of raw materials, coupled with a good moisturizing effect, I think it is worth recommending to every boy.

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