Sure enough, the psychological test can attract you~ Sister Bazhu looked at the data through the background and found that everyone was quite interested in this kind of test, soon the Spring Festival is coming, are you also thinking about buying a jewelry or watch with a lucky meaning as a lucky charm for the Spring Festival? So what kind of jewelry or watch is best for you?

Might as well do a set of fun tests~

Then let’s not talk nonsense and go straight to the test,

See which jewelry is more “prosperous” for you in the New Year

, Finally, remember to post the test results in the comment area and communicate with your friends~

Warm reminder: don’t think too much, choose accurately based on your first intuition!


Q1: What is your current age stage?

A: 18-25 Jump to Q2

B: 26-35 Jump to Q3

C: Above 36 Jump to Q4

Q2 Your zodiac sign is:

A: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini Jump to Q3

B: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Jump to Q4

C: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, jump to Q5

D: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo Jump to Q7

Q3Which of the following is closest to your personality behavior:

A: I think I’m romantic and fantastical. Jump to Q4

B: I consider myself very practical and realistic. Jump to Q6

Q4 When you are at home on holiday, you are more willing:

A: Enjoy a solitary life at home alone. Jump to Q5

B: Go out with friends and enjoy the world of flowers. Jump to Q6

Q5 For surprise you:

A: I like surprises, and I like to surprise others. Jump to Q7

B: I don’t like surprises, I don’t like things that I don’t have to prepare for. Jump to Q8

Q6: Do you prefer the design of big names?

A: Classic design that is versatile and timeless. Jump to Q8

B: New products of the season with a sense of design. Jump to Q9

Q7What are the most worn accessories for daily life photos?

A: Earrings jump to Q9

B: Necklace Jump to Q10

C: Bracelet Jump to Q8

D: Watch Jump to Q11

Q8 When the Chinese New Year is over, do you prefer it?

A: Wear a big red outfit with different colors of jewelry. Jump to Q10

B: Other color clothes, and then decorated with red jewelry. Jump to Q9

Q9: What is your attitude towards branded jewelry every time you launch a new collection?

A: Wait and see if the fashion icons are suitable for you. Jump to Q10

B: Be the first to start, feel that you must be able to control, to be the most fashionable cub in the circle of friends. Jump to Q11

Q10 Of the following options, choose the one that best suits you?

A: Adventurous: People who are willing to face new things and dare to make up their minds to master. Jump to Q11

B: Adaptable: easily adapt to any environment. Jump to Q12

C: Vivid: vibrant, vivid expressions, multi-gesture. Jump to Q11

D: Good at analysis: likes to study the logic and correct relationship between parts. Jump to Q13

Q11Your current status:

A: Married – C

B: In love Jump Q12

C: Single Jump Q13

Q12 When you are not at work, you prefer to wear:

A: Casual and comfortable loose sweatshirt. —— A

B: Delicate and slim long skirt Jump – D

Q13What does your room look like?

A: It’s disorganized, but you can always find what you want. ——D

B: Neat, what you want at a glance. —— B

A: Refined minimalism

You are a minimalist,

Although it is minimalist, it is also very detail-oriented. You, like the artist, have an eye for beauty and are disturbed by popular things. Love special, niche stuff.

He has been very independent and strong since childhood. You enter society at a young age to struggle. In your efforts, you will build more wealth for yourself from scratch. Although there will be some pain when you are young, in the end you will live the life you want.

In line with this characteristic,

Bazhu will recommend the jewelry of Qeelin, a relatively niche jewelry brand

, its Wulu series has a very beautiful meaning,

It is also more fashionable than many traditional Chinese-style jewelry, which can highlight your unique taste.

Qeelin spokesperson Liu Shishi Image from Xiaohongshu @Qeelin

Qeelin Wulu Small Red Rope (exclusive sale in China) 18K rose gold diamond, ruby RMB 9,800

The simple and design of Wulu small red rope not only has the beautiful meaning of “Fulu”, but also adds details to our outfits.

The small gourd with hollow diamonds on the red rope is very delicate and cute, especially with a ruby set in the middle. The combination of small gourd and red rope is no longer a yearly taste. The meaning of peace of the red rope and the meaning of the gourd “Fulu” are added together, so that you can be safe and blessed in the new year~

Jimei with a bigger budget can also take a look at Qeelin’s recent little Mimi little hot Little Eight Fortune series

, is also full of meaning!

Qeelin Wulu Gourd Bracelet 18K gold, diamonds, red agate RMB 52,500

Who wouldn’t want a New Year’s “Buff”? Qeelin’s little beatitude brings you to make you have “Fulu” in the new year,

You can also “send hair!” ”

B: Adventurers who dare to try

You are uncomfortable with the status quo and want to constantly try new things, and you care more about the process than the result. You really enjoy the excitement of the process.

You don’t like to be tied down. You like to live freely, and you also have your own goals and lives that you want to pursue. For you who are very adventurous, you will overcome everything to do it yourself, and you will not accept others interfering with your decisions or restricting your behavior.

For you guys like this,

Sister Bazhu immediately thought of the avant-garde jewelry brand Cartier Cartier

, and during the Spring Festival, it is fitting to start the Amulette De Cartier collection.

Amulette De Cartier necklace

Cartier Amulette De Cartier necklace 18K yellow gold, diamonds, white mother-of-pearl RMB 13,800

Amulette means “amulet” in French. The design of the amulet series pendant is a bit like a delicate lucky lock, or a traditional Chinese peace clasp.

In fact, regardless of its meaning, the round design is also very versatile, even if it is not worn in the New Year, it will not be tacky at all.

In addition, the Trinity worn by our national “mother” Zhang Xiaofei as a classic of Cartier is also worth starting with in the New Year,

The classic three rings represent friendship, love and loyalty, and wearing them feels like you’re capturing every aspect of your life.

Image from Weibo @卡地亚

This collection also featured a red rope jewelry, the simple and generous Trinity three rings

, strung on Cartier’s classic crimson string, it is like connecting love and luck together, around you! And the price of this red rope is super good! You can buy it in 5,000 years.

Buy during the New Year, the official website also has a special gift wrapping, the Spring Festival ceremony is really full!

Cartier Trinity bracelet in 18K rose gold RMB 4,300

C: Refined planners

You like to plan everything well, you have a rigorous and down-to-earth personality, and your life is always full of your own careful and thorough planning.

He has a strong ability to execute, and whenever you want to do something, you like to prepare first, and you will wait until everything is planned before making a move. Moreover, your planning will make you more perseverant, so that you are more aware of what you want, and will not fall into a state of confusion.

For such you, Sister Bazhu feels that watches may be more important than jewelry,

The sense of control over time must give you a greater sense of security~ The new season of women’s watches in the constellation series launched by Omega is very suitable for you!

The Omega Constellation Series is RMB 213,500

Omega Omega’s constellation series has always been the choice of many social elites, and this red constellation watch is really suitable for the Spring Festival purchase~ And if you look closely, you will find that the red dial is not simply red, but uses an aventurine gemstone slice as a dial,

The shimmering texture of metal minerals complements diamonds, and the effect of natural blingbling ~ makes you the brightest cub in the New Year party.

D: Liberals who go with the flow

You don’t like to follow other people’s feelings, but prefer to stay in your own world, because only in this world can you get real freedom, you can do whatever you want, and imagine a life that belongs only to you.

You don’t have to worry about being disturbed, and you don’t need to ignore your emotions in order to calm the conflicts of others, and only this kind of freedom is the life you most desire.

Sister Bazhu also found a lucky jewelry suitable for loving freedom and loving the infinite possibilities of life

, that is Tiffany’s Keys series, I hope you will always take the key of your life into your own hands ~~ Start the new year beautifully!

Tiffany Keys’ new year model also continued a whole opening~

Image courtesy of Tiffany’s website

Tiffany’s classic iris key, set with diamonds and carnelian, form a delicate key that combines classical Eastern beauty with Western design inspiration.

This key perfectly combines the most symbolic color of the Chinese New Year – red and gold, full of blessings!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Fleur de Lis Key Pendant 18K Yellow Gold, Carnelian, Diamond RMB 25,850

And this year’s New Year’s limited gold-red key has added another layer to its beautiful meaning! It is necessary not only to open the beautiful, but also to open the “golden” year “red” luck! Although it is just a simple homophony, the New Year is such a good color!

It feels like everything will be going all the best all year round! This kind of color matching is the kind that the elders will praise you for buying well~

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Fleur de Lis Key Pendant Necklace 18K yellow gold, carnelian, diamonds RMB 47,600

Okay, everyone’s test results are out? Is there a match for the most suitable Chinese New Year jewelry?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and discuss it together~


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