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In the romantic autumn and winter, the turtleneck undershirt should be one of the favorite items of many temperamental ladies, comfortable and simple to wear, and it is not difficult to match

Suitable for many different scenes in the upper body, and the types of items that match it are also super many, it can easily interpret different fashion styles out, and there is also a place in women’s wardrobes,

Therefore, the comfortable and versatile “turtleneck undershirt” is fashionable, elegant and warm, and easily interprets the high-class atmosphere

The advantage of a turtleneck undershirt

In the cold autumn and winter, turtleneck undershirts have become one of the exclusive items in the wardrobe of many girls.

It can well modify the beautiful curve of the neck

And it also has a strong role in keeping warm and cold, which is one of the clothing that many women can’t give up.

It can also enhance the delicate and attractive shape of the face

。 It is a very popular piece that can be easily put on in different occasions

The material of the turtleneck undershirt

The turtleneck undershirt also has many different distinctions in terms of material, and different materials have a little different comfort for wearing. Girls can choose freely according to their own preferences and wear the fashion taste they want


Knitted turtleneck undershirts that are comfortable and delicate to the touch are used a lot in autumn and winter,

Wear warm, comfortable and generous, but also have a good sense of wrapping

Can define the perfect and slender body,

And it’s comfortable to wear and not at all inhibited

, snug and soft

, dressed with a very feminine style


And the lace material turtleneck undershirt will be slightly inferior to the sweater in terms of warmth,

But its gentle atmosphere is super strong, and it can look very ladylike when worn

Wear it alone or as an underwear,

You can easily wear some celebrity style

, in many women’s wardrobes, is one of the very common items


And then there’s the turtleneck undershirt made of other materials.

It is also very comfortable to wear, such as pure cotton or polyester, or polyester fabrics

。 It is also very simple in terms of care and cleaning, and the range of suitable wear is relatively wide

The color of a turtleneck undershirt

The turtleneck undershirt also has different colors in terms of color, and different colors are also fashionable to wear. It can create a different fashionable visual sense very well,

And when combined with other different items, you can also wear different looks


Printed turtleneck undershirt,

Fashionable and beautiful, and the visual sense is also very rich

。 Most of them have a strong sense of layering and three-dimensionality,

It won’t be so monolithic in a solid color

Wear it with a printed coat or a coat in a solid color,

can interpret their own unique temperament very well,

And this color turtleneck undershirt is also a very popular item in autumn and winter

Solid color

Solid turtleneck undershirt,

Stylish and simple

, and it’s also very simple to match.

It can be worn in a simple and casual style

It is also the great love of many girls who like minimalist style, combined with different coats or bottoms,

You can easily wear your own fashion charm and perfectly show your exclusive charm

Demonstration of layering a turtleneck undershirt

In the cold autumn and winter, turtleneck undershirts are often worn as layered tops, and different layering and matching have different fashion tastes. Girls can freely choose to match and wear their own fashion sense in combination with their own preferences

Turtleneck undershirt + suit

The combination of a turtleneck undershirt and an atmospheric and simple blazer is visually a very classic match,

And it’s also layered to wear.

If it is a tight styling design,

Then wearing it will also look very slender

Combined with the silhouette of the suit, the whole look will also look fashionable and sexy, such a dress design is also liked by many girls,

The blazer with eye-catching colors is very eye-catching to wear

Combined with a light-colored turtleneck undershirt,

Visual difference is also very strong

。 Wear the lower body with casual pants like jeans, ripped pants or harem pants,

In fact, its street sense is also super strong

Girls who like it can learn from it, and the suit outerwear with popular elements will be more fashionable than the solid color.

And like some of the more classic plaid stripes, these elements are blessed, and they can still be adapted to workplace wear

It looks elegant and generous, and the sensuality is also super strong, casually change into your favorite pants or skirt, you can easily go out on the street, dark turtleneck leggings and foreign blazers are combined, fashion is perfect to lift

And going out on the street will also look more eye-catching. And such a combination of outfits, in daily life, is also super common, in many occasions, there will be no sense of violation

can wear the temperament you want very well, light-colored turtleneck undershirts, and suit outerwear with low saturation,

The visual point is still very classic

But also looks particularly set off the skin tone, in the lower body of the single color treatment, it is best to choose a dark color is appropriate,

In this way, you can wear the layered sense of the whole outfit and the fashionable visual sense, showing a different trendy style

High neck undershirt + sweater

The combination of turtleneck undershirt and sweater is actually very feminine, if the sweater is a cardigan styling design,

So it looks dashing and casual

Full of casual atmosphere is also full of faces, and in the choice of bottoms, it is also very diverse,

Use casual trousers or an elegant skirt with temperamental heels to look ladylike

High neck undershirt + shirt

Matching of turtleneck undershirt and shirt,

Stylish and simple

, and if the shape of the shirt is still a more formal shape,

Then it can also be easily worn out of an intellectual and dignified taste

Or you can use contrasting or tonal outfits,

to create a full minimalist style

, and when it is relatively cold, you can also wear it with a fashionable jacket outside,

It’s layered

High neck undershirt + trench coat

The combination of turtleneck undershirt and trench coat is also a very suitable pair,

The whole outfit looks dashing and atmospheric, and it is super temperamental and ladylike.

If the color of the undershirt is lighter, then the trench coat can be matched with a decor color

In this way, the visual richness will be greatly improved. Simple matching of suitable pants or skirts is very OK,

Atmospheric simple trench coat

, in autumn and winter are the favorite items of many mature women,

Comfortable and simple to wear, but also super temperamental

Layered over a simple and versatile turtleneck undershirt,

Set off the elegant neck line feeling,

Change into your favorite pants top,

The whole outfit looks dashing and casual,

There is also a style of big women coming out, and clothing is more particular about color contrast in many cases

The upper body looks fashionable and elegant, with a dashing and atmospheric long trench coat design,

Dressing is very temperamental

, If combined with a light-colored turtleneck undershirt,

It can be worn out of the visual layering very well

, and then change into your favorite pants,

It’s easy to go out on the street

Celebrity outfit recommendation

The simplicity and versatility of the turtleneck undershirt is also very high in the wardrobe of many stars, and you can wear your unique temperament very well

And it’s also very diverse in terms of collocation, and in many of their outfits, you can easily see it.

It can perfectly highlight their fashion temperament, and outfits like this have also become her home item in autumn and winter

Simple and elegant “turtleneck undershirt” wearing, fashionable and beautiful,

Perfect for gentleness

。 These stylish and versatile turtleneck undershirts,

Dress comfortably

, and also suitable for different body types. With different items, the fashion taste it shows is also a little different, the girls who like it, you can combine your own style of dressing, learn together, in this beautiful season,

Interpret your own fashion atmosphere

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