Which is more important than the height and appearance of boys? There is no doubt that height is naturally chosen for small boys.

In addition to how to show height in the idea of dressing, in fact, choosing the right shoes is also very important, which directly affects the leg line and the overall height ratio.

Many small boys in order to dress high, will add inner height in the shoes, although it can play a certain height increase effect, but also affect the comfort of wearing, but also is likely to affect the health of the leg muscles.

In fact, in addition to the inner height, choosing a pair of shoes with a heightening effect is the easiest and most straightforward. Next

Just plant 3 kinds of heightened shoes for everyone, so that small boys can easily wear long legs.

Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are one of the most popular footwear styles, simple and comfortable to match, and suitable for all seasons.

Don’t look at the canvas shoes have an ordinary shape, but they actually have a very significant height increase effect, which is very suitable for small boys. For example, the classic one

Low-top style


Cropped pants

The ankle is exposed, which is visually super high.

High-top style

The canvas shoes use the height of the upper to tighten the ankle muscles, which can also have a certain height effect.

When paired with high-top canvas shoes,

Avoid regular trousers and wide-leg pants

, show it all

Choose cargo pants, skinny leg pants, cropped pants

, revealing the upper visually higher.

In addition to the basic low- and high-top styles, canvas shoes are available in a wide range of fits.

Like a more design-like one

Platform canvas shoes

, can be said to be a “height enhancement artifact”, equivalent to men’s exclusive high heels, by increasing the thick sole of the sole to play a very significant increase effect.

Martin boots

When it comes to booster shoes, that Martin boot must be on the list.

The stiff silhouette is paired with a thick sole, and the overall exterior design is A and cool, tightening the ankle to increase the vision, and defining the leg shape also has a very good high effect.

Martin boots are quite friendly for small boys, not only help to increase height, but also go well together.

Both with


The king fried combination, or match

Jeans, slacks

, can make the overall styling aura soar immediately, walking with its own aura, wearing 180 déjà vu.

Daddy shoes

The biggest feature of daddy shoes is the fit design, the thick outsole height is equivalent to the height of a pair of ordinary high heels, and the height increase effect is more than a little.

Thanks to the characteristics of the shoe structure, daddy shoes are very suitable for small boys, helping to lengthen the leg line and appear taller.

However, daddy shoes also have a criticism, that is, the shoes themselves appear bulky, easy to enlarge the vision and crush the height.

So in terms of collocation, try your best

Avoid pants that are too long and slim

Wide-leg pants and cropped pants are the best choices

, which can make the height increase effect more significant.

The above are the 3 recommended “heightened shoes” for small boys, if you are also worried about height, and lack of fashion knowledge of dressing, it is better to choose a simple and direct way to increase height, choose a pair of suitable shoes, and easily wear long legs!

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