On December 19, NetEase’s first RCS instant creation shooter mobile game “Fortress Front: Destruction and Creation” (hereinafter referred to as “Fortress Front”) officially opened the Christmas Eve Christmas Eve: candy for gifts, and Christmas Eve surprise benefits; Epic Quality Parachute – Christmas Hot Air Balloon, AK47 Rifle Rare Quality Gun Skin – Christmas Carnival is waiting for you! With a limited-time Christmas pack unveiling, explorers can’t miss the first Christmas in Daystar Valley!

Christmas Pack Available for a Limited Time AK47 Epic Appearance “Starlight Christmas Tree” is here

With the Thursday update, the “Christmas Pack” is newly available, and explorers can randomly get Epic Quality Set Appearances, Christmas Red Robe, Reindeer Lady, and more for the AK47 Rifle Epic Appearance, Starlight Christmas Tree, Parachute Reindeer Sleigh and other beautiful appearances. Can a Christmas tree also be used as a gunskin? That’s right, the new AK47 Epic Gun skin will help you sweep the battlefield this Christmas!

Colorful Christmas Set Candy for Epic Parachute “Christmas Hot Air Balloon”

Complete the daily quest “Lucky Bag Adventure” during the Christmas event – complete the challenge mission during the Christmas event to get a large number of mystery candy bags, and “Surprise Christmas Eve” – log in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to receive a gift prepared by the development team to get a mystery candy bag!

Open it to get three flavors of candy, explorers can redeem various rewards in the “Mystery Candy House”, not only for stars and gold, but also a large number of Christmas skins are waiting for you, start the endless carnival of Christmas together: Epic Quality Parachute – Christmas Hot Air Balloon, AK47 Rifle Rare Quality Gun Skin – Christmas Carnival, VSS Sniper Rifle Rare Quality Gun Skin – Christmas Carnival, M134 Gatling Rare Quality Gun Skin – Christmas Carnival!

Explorers can also buy mystery candy bags with diamonds in the “Mystery Candy House”, which can be found on the Warehouse – Items page, but the mystery candy bags and candies will expire after the event, so be sure to redeem the benefits! This Christmas is at BT, call your friends for an exciting adventure and compete in the Valley of Daystars!

“Fortress Front: Destruction and Creation” (BuildTopia) is a popular instant creation shooter mobile game launched by NetEase in 2019. In the large-scale virtual simulation town “Valley of Daystars”, you can collect resources, design personalized buildings, produce mechanical props, and compete and strategize. Pick up all kinds of interesting firearms and novel props in the battlefield, give full play to your shooting talent, and win the dominance of the battlefield! The whole battlefield can be broken, build bridges, climb heights, build towers, build ladders, dig tunnels, go to heaven and earth, show surprisingly!

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