First, scissor lift machine product classification

Scissor lifts can be divided into:

Large shear (mother-and-daughter) and small shear lifts and sheet spray scissor lifts.

Large shear lifts include:

Flat plate scissor lift, ZM sub-mother scissor four-wheel positioning lift

machine, professional scissor four-wheel positioning lift;

Small shear lifts include:

small scissor lift; Ultra-thin scissor lift.

Spray plate scissor lifts include:

sheet spray scissor lift; Mobile scissor lift.

Second, the working principle of scissor lift

When rising, the motor drives the gear pump through the control valve in the hydraulic station, the hydraulic oil is input by the high-pressure hose into the lower cavity of the cylinder placed on the shear arm, under the action of oil pressure, the piston rod is ejected from the cylinder, and the shear arm rotates to change the angle of the shear arm, synchronously drive the working platform to rise, and complete the lifting work.

When descending, open the oil return line, under the action of the self-weight of the working platform and the load, the piston rod is pressed back to the cylinder, and the shear arm rotates so that the angle of the shear arm changes, and the working platform is driven down synchronously.

The main machine adopts mechanical synchronization device, and the lifting synchronization is reliable;

Two secondary lifting trolleys can be lifted and lowered separately or simultaneously;

Pneumatic double mechanical rack self-locking safety insurance mechanism;

The length of the groove of the front turntable is adjustable, which is suitable for most turntable and car shapes;

The horizontal accuracy is adjustable to ensure the accuracy of the four-wheel alignment operation

Ultra-thin structure, minimum height of 115mm;

Synchronous cylinder synchronization, equipped with synchronous adjustment device;

Hydraulic self-locking safety device, safe and reliable.

Mobile structure, no special fixation;

Ultra-thin structure (minimum height 140mm);

Mechanical safety insurance structure;

Adjustable support arm to meet the needs of chassis support of different sizes of cars.

Third, the main components of scissor lift

1. Platform

2. Base

3. Inner and outer scissor arms

4. Hydraulic control system

5. Electronic control system

6. Safety device

7. Synchronization device

As shown in the picture

Exploded view

Mechanical locking mechanism


When rising, press the rising button, the working platform rises, the upper insurance also rises, when the working platform rises to the working height, press the insurance button The working platform falls, the upper insurance also falls, the upper fuse slips to the lower fuse, the working platform is locked and does not move;

When an unexpected situation occurs, the working platform is lowered, the upper insurance also falls, and the upper fuse slides to the lower fuse, the working platform is locked. When descending, press the descent button, the working platform rises a short section first, the cylinder works, the upper safety is lifted, and the main engine or sub-machine platform is delayed to fall

2. Tubing explosion-proof valve

The function of the explosion-proof valve is: when the oil pipe is accidentally damaged, by limiting the return oil flow, the sliding speed is limited to prevent the vehicle from tipping.

3. Hydraulic system overload protection

Hydraulic system overload protection: The hydraulic system is installed with an overflow valve, by adjusting the pressure of the relief valve spring, the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system can be set, and when the system reaches the highest pressure, the overflow valve will automatically relieve the pressure and return oil.

Relief valves

4. Scissor lift synchronization device

The platform synchronization of the small shear lift is achieved by the same volume of two cylinders. When rising, the lower cavity of the hydraulic oil main cylinder enters, pushing the piston to rise, so that the hydraulic oil in the upper cavity of the main cylinder is discharged to the lower cavity of the auxiliary cylinder and pushes the auxiliary cylinder to rise; Since the volume of the upper cavity of the main cylinder is equal to the volume of the lower cavity of the auxiliary cylinder, the two cylinders move the same distance, so that the two platforms are synchronized.

5. Hydraulic schematic diagram

Hydraulic schematic

6. Oil circuit connection diagram

Letter shear pipe connection diagram

Small shear pipe connection diagram

7. Power unit

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