As soon as this spring came, I found that everyone began to fall again


The spell, sweaters fly with short sleeves, and I don’t know who to laugh at!

In fact, when it comes to seasonal items, I think

It is best to wear the highest utilization rate

Or genus

Light coat!

When it is cold, it can be layered, and when it is hot, it can be worn alone,


It is also one of the best among the many seasonal items~

So~ Today we won’t say anything else, I recommend it directly to you

6 thin coats that are popular this spring!

Interested soft girls look down!

Speaking of the spring coat, I have to give it

Knitted cardigan

Cast a vote!


As a piece of extreme comfort, it can be salted or sweet, and the upper body is soft and sticky.

The whole person is particularly gentle~


Unlike previous years, this year’s popular knitted cardigan has two major characteristics –

Lapels + Short!

The biggest benefit of this style is, of course

Shape the figure

Oh, lapels to a certain extent

Recessed small right-angled shoulders, short and can raise the waistline,

These two combinations are really a perfect match!

It’s easier to hold than the long, draggy collarless knit cardigan you used to!

Generally speaking

Soft girl with big breasts

Can be preferred

Knitted cardigan with suit collar,

Remember to wear an ultra-thin bra inside, the suit collar can visually reduce the feeling of bloat brought by the big breast!

Like this

The sleeve tube is slightly loose,

It just fits

Thick arms

The soft girl wears ~

The colors are actually very casual, I think it’s best to have one piece of each color if you can, and you can not be the same for seven days!


But yes

Yellow and black skinned star people

Say, choose

Neutral color

It is the safest and not easy to make mistakes, and it is easy to wear a sense of premium~

The white-skinned star people will pick it casually, and the color will be easier to lining the face to shine!

It’s actually not difficult to match, just want to be sweeter

With skirt~

If you want a little French, wear pants,

With earrings, it’s so gentle that you don’t want it~

Once spring comes,

Sweatshirt jacket

It has also become the favorite of many bloggers ~ mainly because of it

Easy to put on and take off,

Take one piece casually when you go out in the morning and evening, it really saves time and effort~

Buy a piece that can basically be worn three seasons a year,

Extremely high utilization,

It can also make the whole outfit become unique vitality~

Although there are many zippered sweatshirts every year, this year’s style is a little different, and the difference is based on the original

Added double-ended zippers!

Right! It’s this kind of model that can pull up the entire zipper.

You can freely adjust the height according to your underwear!

For example, if you are riding a sports crop top today, then you can

Pull the zipper above the stomach,

American retro babes are you!

If you want to be casual but don’t want to be too ordinary, you can too

Wear it directly with a T-shirt inside,

Showing a little hem, it is particularly layered~

Small starmen are especially suitable for wearing!

Just wear it with a pair of high-waisted pants, and you can inadvertently create the illusion that there are legs from the chest down!

When the weather gradually warms up,

Wear it alone

It’s not impossible, it’s easy to look like a sweetheart!

If you want to be higher, I recommend it

Choose the set directly!

No more headaches how to match!

The white department will have a very spring atmosphere, and a baseball cap will be even more beautiful~

If the wind occasionally picks up in the spring, you can actually try it

Frock coat!

It’s sweet and sassy, and I love to wear it myself!


Wind protection ability level ten, goose and also

Comes with air sensing properties,

The upper body is also slender to the thief!


The bloggers in a certain book basically have one piece! Whether it is to go

Fresh soft sister wind,


Still is

Personality dragging sister style,

You can see the cargo jacket!



Japanese cargo jacket!

There are really many, many stores on a certain treasure have quietly released new models!

More color

Fresh and clean~

The style is also more


Compared to the previous model, there is a lot less tough design!

The lines are smooth, and it is better to control, basically not limited to what bottoms~

(@风干猪肉, @快点倒头就睡)

That kind of relatively wide cargo jacket, everyone must wear it when they wear it

Pay attention to emphasize the waistline!

You can choose to match high-waisted pants, wear them open, and you will appear to have a good body proportion~

With shorts is also super good, very suitable for wearing to step on the spring with sisters or something, and the photos taken are also very youthful~

If you feel too monotonous, you can choose to pair it with one

Colorful skirts,

The sweetness is just right!

Or start from the inside,

The bright inner layer will look very three-dimensional!

Since that’s it, that

Small suit

I also have to talk about it~


The reason, of course, is it

Strong collocation,

It is one of the best in the wardrobe

It’s a very wearable item!

Whether it’s with a skirt or pants,

(@楠晓妮, @imyuuu)

T-shirt or shirt, it can be chic!

(@翠花, @Luuuxxxxx)

If you open spring, I want to recommend everyone to buy a set

Suit suit!

It’s really hot lately!


Both high and advanced,


Don’t spend time matching,

It’s easy to get trendy! Who can not love it!

(@涵涵子, @满满Cyim)

In addition to the set, everyone can to

A brightly colored blazer


(@limoon, @只小萌)

Compared to those old-fashioned and dull colors,

The color model will be more vibrant,

It can also make the whole person very tender!

However, when matching colorful suits, you must pay attention to the color matching can not be messed with, you can follow

Tonal dressing method,

Contrast color contrast method

Let’s match!

(@Babeei photos)

If you’re worried that you’re not going to taste right, go with it

Let’s match it with almighty white!


With the combination of white, it will look a little fresher!


Gray will be more Han style~

Everyone chooses!


To talk about the most classic items in the wardrobe, I think not

Denim jacket

None other than that!


Retro classics are outdated,

Even if you pick up your mother’s denim jacket from twenty years ago, it will not feel incompatible with it!


But denim jackets are everywhere, and if you want to wear them in the crowd, still

You have to choose the style of denim jacket!


Some of the denim jackets that are popular this year are nothing more than adding more pop elements to the body, such as the ones I told you before

Checkerboard elements and splicing elements~

(@赖很凶, @林诗琦NICKI)

But these coats may become obsolete after a year or two, so I personally recommend that you start some

A simple model with a little design!


The simple model is good because it is particularly attractive, goose and

It’s also very inclusive,

No matter what the style, you can easily hold it!

Buy a good quality piece to put in the closet,

It’s not a problem to wear it for three or four years~

Not to mention the matching, you don’t need to spend any thought at all, it’s simple

T-shirt + sweatpants

It’s very Han~

You can also match it directly with knitwear, preferably chosen


Yes, and then show the hat full of casual feeling!

Of course~ denim jackets can also be direct

Wear it as a set with jeans!

The denim skirt will reduce the age a little, and the whole thing with a beanie is gentle!

For the soft girls in the north, the weather just started spring may still be a bit cold, that time

Baseball uniforms

It’s ready to be arranged!


It has a moderate thickness,

The fit is also loose enough,

So even if you wear one or two more primers inside, you basically can’t see it~


The goose and baseball uniform is also a classic item that is perfect for everyday outings, and the overall feeling can be both

Youthful and energetic girly style,

It can also be

Athletic style of leisure and art~


I looked around this year’s baseball jerseys and saw that the style has changed quite a bit! The baseball uniform will now

More pursuit of simplicity, there are not too many complicated designs~

At most, just

Small pattern embellishment,

Or just give a letter logo!

Clean! Simple! Very intriguing!

Simple styles are easy to match with a sense of premium,

The most classic collocation is

baseball uniform + pleated skirt,

Sweet and spicy, or the soft girl of the student party can rush!


Jeans + baseball cap and baseball uniform

It’s also a good match, but it will be more suitable for tall stars!


Now during the Chinese New Year, you can also buy one

Red baseball uniform,

Pair it with some pop elements!


Of course~

The leather model is also pretty cool.

A bit of a pilot, if it’s a cool girl can wear it, it can definitely kill a lot of passers-by in seconds!


Finally you can take off the thick cotton jacket and put on a thin coat, if you still don’t know what spring coat to buy, read this article is enough,

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