As the saying goes, no summer is complete without a T-shirt. However, there are many styles of T-shirts, and Jimei who pursues fashion is also choosing as many T-shirts as possible that can create a fashionable personality to concave the shape. But aside from the classic black and white T-shirts, what style is more worth learning from this summer? That’s a candy-colored T-shirt, of course!

Nowadays, the hot summer is unstoppable, pick more candy-colored items, not only complement the weather, enhance vitality, but also better show the girly feeling in your bones and achieve the effect of reducing age, no wonder your female stars really love it.

Of course, here I want to tell you that the so-called candy-colored T-shirt actually refers to a variety of colorful T-shirts, the blessing of colorful colors, so that you can have unlimited possibilities in summer wear, abandon monotony and dullness, and welcome a more vibrant summer!

NO.1 Apple green

In recent years, green is really hot to the end, whether it is avocado green or mint green, there are countless fans, after all, it can visually reduce age and cool off, both practical and fashionable. However, apple green seems to be more popular this year.

Apple green is not as eye-catching as fluorescent green, nor does mint green look as cold, this color like young shoots fresh and age-reducing, can bring us closer to nature, bring a relaxed and happy mood, remember Zhang Ziyi on the 2006 Golden Globe Awards red carpet, wearing Giorgio Amani apple green bandeau dress, looking playful and impressive.


After many years, apple green has once again become a trend, and Wang Likun appeared at the airport wearing an apple green T-shirt and black wide-leg pants, casual with freedom. This basic apple green T-shirt is relatively unpicky, even the dull skin of Jimei can be controlled, if you happen to be a big white skin, then trying this T-shirt can definitely make you white into a light!

If you happen to have a vest line, you can also learn from Lisa’s choice of this open-waistless apple-green T-shirt, showing off the vest line and matching jeans, which is still sexy and cool.

The apple-green T-shirt and jeans are simple and stylish. If you want to add a little personality, you can learn from Fan Bingbing, and the lower half of the body wears ripped jeans to reflect the cool temperament, which looks much younger and more street-like vitality.

If you’re in good shape and even have long legs, try boots with an apple-green T-shirt to add layers and show off your leg length, and the powerful aura is ready to add a new touch of color to the hot summer days.

In the selection of T-shirts, we can combine our own figure, for example, the little fairy with slender arms can look at Jin Chen’s sleeveless T-shirt, with black sweatpants, with a kind of vitality in sports, fashionable soaring!

NO.2 Cherry blossom powder

The age-reducing effect of pink is obvious to all, especially this year’s most popular cherry blossom pink, and the appearance rate is extremely high, because the saturation is relatively low, and it does not look fancy. In addition, the color system is relatively gentle, so it can easily interpret the girly feeling.

For example, Yang Chao this cherry blossom pink T-shirt with black cycling pants, can greatly achieve the purpose of reducing age and showing youth, the same color raw edge canvas shoes on the feet, play the street oversize style, pink and black matching, sweet and cool sister is so fan.

Yang Zi in a variety show, wearing a cherry blossom pink T-shirt with a hairband of the same color, gentle and sweet, the unilateral earring shape is full of girly feeling, and there is a hint of playfulness in the frank fashion, which also makes people get the other side of the little monkey purple.

Cherry blossom pink and sky blue group CP have a good age-reducing effect, try to use cherry blossom powder T-shirt with light-colored jeans, not only can visually cool down, the effect is also very refreshing, but also a very girly look.

In the era of women’s group style, pleated skirts are also a must-have item in girls’ wardrobes, choose a cherry blossom pink shirt with pleated skirts, easily make you become an 18-year-old girl, and Guan Xiaotong’s look is wearing leather shoes to add a retro feeling.

NO.3 Tartrazine

Lemon yellow is a vibrant color, and has a clear white effect, and turmeric in that lemon yellow looks more saturated, full of highlights, in the summer wear is very seasonal, there is a cool and fresh feel~

In the airport street shooting of many female celebrities in your circle, the appearance rate of lemon yellow T-shirts is extremely high, Li Yitong is wearing a lemon yellow print T-shirt with jeans, simple but not simple, short hair is refreshing and neat, showing the vibrant summer atmosphere.

The best CP of lemon yellow is white, the combination of the two is very age-reducing and refreshing, Zhang Hanyun maintains a girly feeling, is that her matching style is very sweet, the lemon yellow T-shirt below with white shorts and baseball cap, so sweet to the heart of the little sister, who will not like it?

Jimei, who is confident in the waist and abdomen line, can refer to Zhou Yutong’s choice of a waistless short T-shirt with high-waisted white wide-leg pants, presenting a style that is sassy and beautiful, dashing and energetic, fashionable and detailed, handsome.

Don’t just wear white T-shirts in the hot summer, if you want to look more colorful and fashionable, try the candy-colored T-shirts that hipsters love!

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